Roush What exhaust?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by merc123, Nov 1, 2003.

  1. What is OEM exhaust on Saleen S/C?

    I went to a SVT dealership and had 'em start up a 03 Saleen w/ the S/C. The dealer said it had Borla exhaust. Which one does it have? Is it the same that is on the Saleen website (2.5 catback for $699?). Thanks.
  2. I know this thread is probably dead but the 03 saleen s/c has a magnaflow exhaust system with a saleen x-pipe. I would know because I own one.
  3. it's magnaflow. saleen dropped borla about a year ago and replaced it with magnaflow. i believe the 2000 was the last year or 2001. not too sure
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    lol, sorry i just found this humorous :) when i first joined i thought i would be original and put the number after it, then i foudn out everyone did it :nonono:
  5. my 01 n/a came with borla
  6. Anybody heard a side-by-side comparison between the Borla and Magnaflow?
  7. Good question. My saleen has the magnaflows with X and sounds nothing like I thought a saleen would sound like. Pretty damn weak IMO. How does your saleen sound?
  8. Well i have LTs, O/R H, and my borlas and it kicks ass :banana: but stock (just the borla) it still sounded good.
  9. borla sounds better by far...with a bassani x no cats and exhaust cut outs its sounds rediculous crazy, i love it.
  10. Thats because Saleens have to use the factory converters.....

    They quiet the car down quite a bit.....

    I like the sound of the Magnaflows better.....

    I have heard a Saleen with Borla and Magnaflow side by side and the Magnaflow is deeper then the Borla....and has a lot smoother sound to it
  11. my 02 came with borla