What factory Ford stereos will work easily in an 04 Cobra?

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  1. I am pretty sure that I blew a channel in my Mach 460 6 disc so I bought a Mach MP3 head unit from an '04 Mustang. Of course the connectors on the back of it are different from my Mach 460. Are there any MP3 capable Ford head units that will be a plug and play replacement for my Mach 460? I've searched for a harness adapter for the Mach MP3 and haven't found one. Worst case, I'll buy another Mach 460 and the PIE adapter that lets me connect an MP3 player to the satellite input, but I'd rather have a Ford head unit that plays MP3s. Thanks!


  2. the easy answer is only a mach 460 HU will fit, so there is a bunch out there

    double din touch screen GPS units look very good at home under there but with a mach the only real answer is to redo the whole stereo with new speakers and amps.

    they do make harness but seem to sound like crap pop and well not work great
  3. Is there any sort of adapter that would allow me to connect the MP3 headunit to the Mach 460 guts of my stereo system? I've seen such an adapter mentioned in a few old threads but no links or part numbers listed. :(
  5. Does the Mach MP3 head unit not count as a "premium" head unit? Because it definitely is not a direct plug-in. Is there some sort of adapter I need?
  6. I can say this...I have a 2003 GT, it had the Mach 460 system in it. 6-disc changer, etc. The system from a 2004 Mustang won't work in my 2003...the connector on the back is indeed different.

    Maybe check other vehicles too. The stereo in my dad's 2005 Explorer is similar to the stereo that was in my GT.