What Front Seats Do I Have??

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  1. I am trying to figure out what upholstery I need for these seats. Are these Mustang seats? Not sure which came with headrests. These fold down like typical bucket seats. My back seat is the pony upholstery. Really don't like the headrests. I want to remove headrests and get new upholstery. Any input on what upholstery kit I am looking for?

    Or am I stuck having to buy bucket seat frame/foam/upholstery?



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  2. they look like 69 standards
  3. if you want to use pony covers you will need 65-66 frames although 67 frames will work if you use 65 or 66 foam
  4. Thanks for the responses! Okay. So upholstery for 69 coupe bucket seats will do the trick? No need to go pony. Just want to get them covered with stock upholstery. Trying to figure what upholstery kit I need to buy to fix these up. Any specifics on what my best option is would be fantastic.
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  6. Hey there - are you looking to go back to Stock or maybe to upgrade to a Sport Seat with heavier bolstering?