What Gas do you use?

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What gas do you use?

  1. Shell

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  2. Chevron

    3 vote(s)
  3. Conco

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  4. Texaco

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  5. BP/Amoco

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  6. Other Name Brand

    9 vote(s)
  7. Cheapest in town

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  1. This past year I have started using the new Shell gas, which advertises better mpg, and I really get much better mileage. 25 vs 21 on conventional gas (or around there). Just want y'alls' thoughts
  2. diesal feul with a couple dozen bottles of octane booster!
  3. I vote Shell. :nice: I have also noticed a pretty decent change in mileage since I started using Shell about 5 months ago....just wish it wasn't so expensive..... :nonono:
  4. I actually prefer Chevron. Works great in my car.
  5. What ever is cheaper and doesn't come from a ma and pa store :nice:

    Here is a pretty cool unknown fact...***caution only *** This may make you upset and cause you to not care where you buy your fuel ;)

    This is a little unknown fact that you are probly getting fuel from the same refinery. Yes that means if you buy fuel from a Chevron it really could be from Texaco etc. To understand this you really need to know how companies like the Former Enron worked. They had a like three lines running from Houston area : Nothren ( up to IL I think), Florida, L.A (Cali). Now the way it works for example is: Texaco pulls up to Enron pump in Houston and says I would like to send 1000gl to Cali well Eron says ok .25 a gl. So Texaco pumps in 1000gls and at that point a Texaco truck in Cali can begin pumping out 1000gl of fuel. (See the lines always has fuel in it) So when you pull up to a refinery you can see a Chevron and Fina truck at a Texaco refinery filling up there trucks :D I've seen this to many times since I live down the road from the one who supplies fuel from Big springs, Tx to El Paso. Anyways the main thing that is required for these comapnies to use lines like Enrons other than paying is to may sure the fuel meats the grade they say there putting in. Now each company can put in more additives before delivering it to a gas station which makes it a hair different but most just put the minimun requirement from the government. Now why I don't like ma & pa stations is that some have sliped through the crack of updating there tanks and may have trash etc in them. Sounds silly but o well :p

    I've been using Murphy's U.S.A since I get .03 a gallon cheaper with a Wal-mart gift card.
  6. I prefer PetroCanada or Esso.(Canadian Stations and they sell winter gas! :lol: )
  7. :nonono: PA is always way behind on updating stuff. I hate this state :bang:
  8. Hey Hey now no since hating your state because of that ;) P.A is a great state :nice:
  9. I haven't seen an Esso station since I left Europe. :rolleyes:
    Anyways, I usually get it from a place that looks trustworthy. Meaning they maintain their equipment.

  10. This is true. The only difference between most gas stations is the additives they put into the gas, and how long the gas has been sitting :)

  11. Esso is one of the big three stations up here in Canadah!
  12. I use my local BJ's gas. I made a dyno proven 6 rwhp difference.

    I also get 20-30 miles per tank more on it.

    It is just Sunoco.
  13. Kinda odd that Exxon/Mobil is missing from here...? o_O. I love shell right now.
  14. thats true about that gas, however in florida (the panhandle at least, GA, and AL, some other souther states) it works differently. everyone buys from one refinery. Amoco, Shell, and Chevron buy off the top. The clean gas. The others buy lower down...the lower down the dirtier it is the cheaper it is. Then each company adds its own additaves.
  15. chevron with techron works great and use premium cus i have a chip installed and the thing will run like crap on regular now i'm considering taking the chip out... anyways i spent $20 this mornin on 8 gallons of it... damn i need a second job
  16. man i like your preformance mod... one touch passenger window, how you do that?
  17. :scratch:
  18. The gas they get is from Sunoco.
  19. I understand where the fuel is comming from, its the extra power/mileage is whats got me :scratch: my head. Most people believe that because the fuel cost more or its a higher grade fuel that its better. This is a misconception probly best left to the Myth Busters ;) If you have a stock typical motor like a 2.3L/ 3.8L ( low compression) adding 92-100 octane could cause you to have crappy gas mileage. While on the other hand if you are running something like a 04' Lighting ( high compression) etc then running anything under 92 oct could do the same with bad mileage ( not to mention detonation). So if you switched from lets say 89 oct fuel in your lighting to something like 92 oct fuel than I could see a performace increase/mileage. But to say or implacate that by switching from one company to other you can gain 6rwhp and better gas mileage is a stretch.

    *** when I say high compression on the new Lighting I mean once under boost it gets high etc as in other high compression motors***
  20. I work at a dyno shop so I test everything as much as I want to. I test gas from one brand compared to another. I also track mileage and driving habits per tank.

    I go to BP, I will lose 20-30 miles that tank of gas. Same with most gas(Sheetz, Citgo, Marathon). Put in Sunoco, my mileage is where it should be and the truck runs better.

    In my wife's 99 V6, I run only 87 Sunoco because I know the difference in power/mileage it makes in my Lightning.