What gas is everyone using?

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  1. Just wondering what everyone's filling their stang up with. I'd been using regular up until last night, I put my first full tank of premium in it. Not sure if it's a mental thing or not but it seems to drive a lot smoother, especially between shifts. Either way, it seems worth the extra few bucks.
  2. Mustangs are premium cars :D

    Going to use 91 octane. Highest octane around me.

    Sunoco is the only gas i use, no ethanol for me :nice:
  3. comon guys!

    premium gas is not better for our cars....

    octane does not have better performance...

    high octane gas is only for cars with, high compression, boost, or advanced timing...

    your killing your performance and engines using gas with octane levels too high!

    but you did get on thing right, ethonal is horrible for our cars, hurts performance and gas mileage!
  4. I was under the impression we got some extra mid range torque with the premium, that's what I've read anyway.
  5. well im getting a supercharger and spraying my car, so high octane will benefit me :D
  6. I thought about using a higher octane, but can't convince myself to do it b/c it's a stock engine and not worth the few extra bucks for the little if any power gains.
  7. i will say this one more time...

    PLEASE look up the meaning of octane before you start putting 93 octane gas into your car. the only thing that does is stop your car from detonating, which only occurs from from the above stated.

    if anything, you will lose power from using high octane gas in a stock car!
  8. So all the talk around here about the 2010 recognizing the gas and adjusting the tune is BS????

    The only thing I can tell you is that I'm seeing about 1 mpg more with 92 octane than 87. I have 4K miles on the car now and I've used both for about 1k each to get this figure. Could just be dumb luck that my driving was that much different between the two but....
  9. I'm not sure but just by sotp feeling it just seems more peppy and better throttle response, that's why I was asking, to see if anyone else had switched from regular to premium and noticed a difference.
  10. On the Bullitts (05-09) and GT500s, that's true without a doubt.
    But until someone posts quantitative proof of it being true on GTs, I'll call BS.
  11. I believe the 10 does have the adaptive spark system. :)
  12. Sorry for my laziness, but I just googled "adaptive spark 2010 mustang" and clicked on the first article. It says the same thing I've probably read in about 10 or 15 other articles. I know you're not supposed to believe everything you see on the internet, but remember these are based on the Bullitts which did have adaptive spark system and I haven't seen anything that says they don't. If you go down about half way down the page right under the picture of the engine it discusses the extra torque from using higher octane.

    motivemagazine.com - Motive First Steer: 2010 Ford Mustang GT
  13. Yes the new mustangs from what I hear do have adaptive advance timing so running 93 Oct will gain you performance.
  14. Actually ethanol works awesome if the car is tuned for it. It will give you worse mpg but when gas was 3.50-4.00/gallon and ethanol was only 1.85-2.00/gallon it is actually cheaper.

    Not to mention E85 = 105oct and also burns much cooler so when you're tuned for it you can go crazy with timing. E85 = Cheap Race gas.

    My car is tuned on E85 and I used to run 110 Turbo Blue but at 6.00/gallon it was too expensive. I can say my car has better mid-range power than what it did on 110 and its only down peak 10rwhp.
  15. were not just talking about ethanol straight. talkin about it in our normal gas, like a lot of stations do now.
  16. Using Chevron or Exxon 91 mostly but Mobile too. But the car is tuned for it.
    There are no BP stations in my parts and only one shell that I know of. Several 76s. There must be a prohibition on gas above 91 in this state. Because I can't find any. The pumps don't seem to say if they are dispensing Ethanol blends or not.
  17. i cant remember what companys use ethanol and which dont. only one i know for a fact that doesnt is Sunoco, and it says "No Ethanol" on their pumps
  18. What does the manual say?

    Typically, the manual states what grade fuel to use just like it states what type of oil to put in, what other lubricants to use, etc etc. So it always amazes me to see people picky about what grade oil to use in their car, and yet resort to internet myths to determine what fuel to use.

    Octane does not create power, nor does it improve fuel economy by itself. Octane allows the engine to operate to peak performance and achieve max MPG and HP...it in itself does not cause this.

    So i refer you back to the manual. Those Ford engineers are some pretty smart guys. If running 93 octane would eek out some MPG, they would require it in order to bring their federally mandated CAFE number up. How is it worded exactly when it comes to what grade of gas to run?

    If it says Premium Required, then you have no choice but to run 91+.

    If it says Premium Recommended, then it means you could run 87 octane, as a knock sensor will change fuel and timing curves to run safe...but if you want max performance, you need 91+ for max HP and efficiency.

    If it says you can run 87, then usually there is no benefit in running higher octane levels at all. (without mods or changes to the tune)

    Octane is just the measure at which fuel resists burning. The lower the number, the easier and complete the fuel burns. That means lower octanes actually make more power. Depending on engine setup, compression ratios, timing and such, higher octanes are sometimes used to prevent pre-ignition/detonation. There is nothing "inferior" about 87 octane vs 93 octane. So no need to feel like a cheapskate for not putting 93 in your car if 87 is all that is required

    A 1MPG difference can be attributed to a lot of factors. There are way too many real world variables to accurately measure a vehicles MPG by using the odometer and pump scale.
  19. And in Europe

    Here in Europe the lowest Octane we can get is "Regular 95". Then we have the option of "95 Premium" and "98 Premium".

    Even on the cheapest gas I get about 15 MPG in town and 22 MPG cruising/country (80 MPH - 100 MPH) - We like our open roads.
  20. Your engine is tuned to run on 87 octane...however, if you hear a little pinging at full throttle (which I did on occasion), then switch back and forth on tankfuls a few times with 89 octane (mid-grade) until the pinging stops...but I will tell you that mine runs better on Shell than on BP or the rest...so I stick with Shell.