What Gauges To Install?

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  1. Aem, Autometer, Innovate, all reputable brands and make a multitude of gauges, I'm sure you'll find one type you prefer
  2. Again [email protected]!!!! I don't like wasting my money of eBay Chinese garbage.. so that's why I asked for the reputable companies.. I dont know my [email protected] from a hole in the ground.. So I do take into consideration you all's perspective.. A picture of a product can be made to like D##n good..
  3. Pick up a free catalog from Summit and Jegs and go shopping, they have nice pics too
  4. So everything in summit or jegs are good quality?
  5. Right now with me it's a toss up between AEM and Autometer. I've always used Autometer and in 20+ years have never had a problem. Folks rave about AEM too.
  6. @madspeed I think I will be getting a PLX, that thing is saweeeet! Do you have any pics on how you have it mounted and where?
  7. I run an innovate wide band in my car. MTX-L is the model. I also run autometer boost gauge , i have a oil pressure and water temp waiting to go in. I prefer mechanical when it comes to those. The autometers i have are ford motorsport they are older then me i found NOS on ebay. I love the period correct stuff. Its in my thread if you want to take a peek
  8. @madspeed That PLX unit is very nice, but I started pricing it out. $100 for the gauge but $175 for each sending unit- oil pressure, water temp, a/f ratio, etc.. By the time I'm done it's almost the same price as getting a Florida 5.0 dash set.
  9. The fluid pressure is their most expensive sending unit. The other ones are around $100 each.

  10. Sure do...


  11. Thats a better option if you were planning on replacing all of your factory gauges. I for one, wanted to keep mine stock and add only those that I needed, which can all be used on one multigauge
  12. Can I ask what the setup set you back and what guages you have?
  13. I only purchased the multigauge/afr combo pack which was $195, and then added the boost solenoid which was another $75. I can cycle between the two simply by touching the screen. Outputs can be displayed in several different configurations with 16 differnet modules available

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=237sGc_NVlE#t=79
  14. I have the modules mounted out of sight in the dead space below the radio
  15. I like that plx and if I was datalogging it would have been a no contest. I went with autometer units in the center dash vents. Kind of wish at this point I had flipped the stereo location and put the gauges down there.
  16. Aftermarket gauges? I only have the one, and I hardly ever pay it much attention.

    Just not a huge fan of cluttering up my interior with a bunch of gauges.
  17. Autometer has always been my go to. They have yet to disappoint with the quality or longevity in anything that I have owned. The PLX sure is sharp and for a sleek look would really get the job done!
  18. I have a Stewart Warner boost gauge and an aem afr gauge. Neither are hooked up yet, but both look like quality units
  19. I think the SW are such a classy gauge . Almost cockpit like . esp like the ones in the gnx
  20. I agree, they are also made in the USA. Their is a plant that at least used to make them about 5 miles from my house. I think it was called maxima technology's
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