What Gear To Choose??

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  1. 90 gt, 331 stroker c4 3speed? I'm thinking a pretty short gear? Any info greatly appreciated..
  2. 3.55 would be a good all around gear. Not too tall and not too short.
  3. c4 sounds like a drag car, so pick the gear that puts you at your desired rpm at the end of the 1/4 mile, at the trap speed you're running.
  4. I'm thinking 410 maybe 456???
  5. If you plan on winding it to the moon! Is it a drag car or street car?
  6. If your planning on doing any street cruising I wouldn't go any higher than 410
  7. Well the occasional trip down town would be great! Will 410 be good in a 3 speed? I know in a five speed 410 rocks. It does have a 3500 stahl. I really want a real aggressive street car
  8. Better have a good trans cooler. 3500 stall on the street is gonna build up a lot of heat. I had a buddy with a C4 and 4.10's. It was fun as hell but forget about going on the highway lol