what gears?

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  1. i want to get a tlok and gears. what are the pros and cons between 3.73 and 4.10 gears? this is my daily driver. i just want better tractiona nd performance. i will be adding a s/c later on. for now just bolt ons. the next is def tlok and gears tho.
  2. If your going S/C you may want to just stick with the 3.73s... I'm running 4.10s but I'm also running a bigger tire which makes my gear like a 3.90...
  3. well ill probably get a 17x8 wheel with what ever tire fits it. nothing crazy tho. so guess ill go 3.73

    question to you why votech? im looking at procharger myself seems like a more complete kit. also im not a fan of ait to water intercoolers.
  4. Well.... some of the people that know a LOT more about cars than me suggested I avoid ProCharger and go Vortech... Procharger have a history of:

    1) leaking oil
    2) Poor customer service
    3) Lacking technical support

    We seen these items with the first couple of guys that install the Prochargers when they were first released for our 4.0Ls... The Procharger came to the market before it was really ready... the guys had problems... Now in all fairness there are now a couple of Procharger guy that are doing fine with there Prochargers...

    My Vortech has worked great... great customer service... The air-to-water aftercooler works just fine... The Mistress has gone 12.8 @ 107MPH on the stock 10 PSI of boost!
  5. the only thing i dont like about the air to water is once the water gets warm that it you know. at the strip do you add ice in there. if not you should. you may get some gains.
  6. IMO I'd go with 3.55 or 3.73 but that is just me!