what happened here

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  1. when i first started with stangnetit was way more activity and people and it was also more technical discussions now its noone here and its always these newb questions that you can do a simple search on and find the answers i dunno but now talk has a post lol
  2. Yeah I dunno...the place has kinda died. I think it's just a side effect of these cars getting older and less common, and being relegated more to "beater" status.

    Plus a lot of the old regulars don't make many appearances anymore.
  3. yup.

  4. I admit I don't get on here everyday like I used to. I don't drive her everyday so I don't have a problem to search for all the time, lol. But I still have her.
  5. I'm rarely in the 2.3 forum, but I sadly spend more time in here than actually driving the car. Heck... I probably spend more time repairing and modifying than actually driving. :nonono:
  6. yup

    i feel ya on that one bhuff 4 sure lol
  7. I haven't had my steed since 2004 :(

    one day I will have my steed again!

  8. I'll start some.
  9. I'm new to the 2.3L, ready to learn, and ready to get the discussion going.
  10. This is the first time I've been on Stangnet in years....maybe 6 or 7? I used to be a regular here, but life has moved on, and the old 2.3 is long long gone. It rotted out underneath, I guess a symptom of our cold salty climate here in Eastern Canada.

    I just popped in out of curiosity to see if this forum was still active, and I'm glad to see it is. Maybe someday these cars will be cool enough again to make a comeback. :nice:
  11. Yeah I never check in here much anymore.
    Hell in around here in eastern Iowa You rarely even see fox stangs anymore, and when you do they are either really nice, or complete piles of crap. Out of the last 10 I have seen probably only one was nice.
  12. any good parts houses for the 2.3 dp? or am I left to hunt around for-freaking-ever?
  13. What do you need a parts house for? Mine is an odd collection of junk yard parts, handiwork and odds and ends for fox mustangs.
  14. haha, I think a big reason things aren't so "active" is because just about everything has been covered! I now I'm at fault for this, but I think a lot of the Newbie type questions are because of the 8+ pages of responses to a search take FOREVER to go through!

    I've been working with the 2.3T for about 7 years now and just getting into the 302's. I've literally spent all day searching trying to get this standard vs reverse(aka, clockwise! confusing as hell, lol) waterpump issue figured out all day since noon. So I think people are finding it easier to just ask the newbie questions and get a quick response rather than spend all day looking through posts!
  15. .....Im kinda new here,but im not new to the 2.3 engine.I have driven them sence the Pinto days. The engine is like shoe leather you cant terr them up. We know they are not speed engines But they will go forever. I had a mustang with over 200,000 on it before I sold it.So lets get this forum up and riding again.....OK....
  16. WOW! I too haven't been back here in ages. Sadly my 2.3 was written off by an inattentive driver (pulled out of her driveway without looking, and hit the front passenger side).

    I picked up a 99 V6 after the 2.3 died, and I have been daily driving it for the last few years. I remember following all the old timers threads back in the day :) bhuff, svo1, steve-o and etc. I'm still hoping to come across a clean coupe at some point. Unfortunately though I live in Northern Canada, and all those that are up here are either rust buckets, or extremely overpriced.
  17. ageing

    Interesting topic, I haven't stuck my head in here in years. Dropped in to see who's left, my 89 incomplete and entire parts pile is going ebay soon. I didn't loose interest, my interests changed and don't have the time to complete. probably pick a complete tc some day, but old tractors and hit n miss engines and trail 70's, ect are soaking all my spare time. Later, Dan
  18. < nostalgia >
    < /nostalgia >