What happened to the 2.3 Stangs?

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  1. Well, it's good to see people still respecting the 2.3. I have pros and cons about this engine, but doesn't everyone. It is a BEEFY sized 4 cylinder, I will say that. I liked mine I had 14 years ago. But it was abused by it's previous owner and it blew a head gasket and needed a new transmission before I was done with it. The only things I really don't like about the 2.3's... I'd say the valvetrain is just a bit noisy. And they get way noisier with age. Mine was clickity clackity lol.

    As long as there are regulars here, then that's all that matters. Granted, this forum used to be just crawling with threads day in and out several years ago. Boy was it ever so active back in 2001. But RedLX has done a good job keeping at this forum. Quite the contributor he is. Heck, theres been a lot of other people I thought would stick around for a long time, but I was wrong. Especially the pair of red SVO users that came in here long time ago. Holy, I remember too much sometimes lol....But when I mention this stuff to other people, they're like "Huhh? Idk what you are talking about" .. lol .
  2. I still check every once and a while, I have a few other boards I frequent. But I am still way in to the old 2.3l. I currently have a 300hp ranger, a 400hp svo, a stock 4cyl vert, and a 88 lx coue that is being fitted with a lot of n2o.
  3. I check in every few months. I'm still the driving the '93 daily, 126K on it now. Picked up a 2.3T motor two years ago, tore it down and that's how it sits right now. Not enough time or money to get into it right now.
  4. Hey guys i just bought my second mustang first one was totaled by a drunk driver so this is my redemption im new to the thread so i was hoping i could get some helpfull advice on my first project car its a 93 lx hatchback 4 banger just got it cause my 16 year old brother said he dident want it cause it wasent cool enough.The paint was faded but i got the buffer out last night and it shined up preaty good but the trans is slipping or hessitating and when it does shift it shifts real hard after going down the road a bit it stops and smoths out any ideas on whats wrong?