What Happened To The Price On Mustang Performance Handbook2?

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  1. Jesus!!! I was planning on using this as a guide to build all of the things I intend to with regards to modifying the suspension on my car when and if it ever gets here.

    I thought I had the damn thing around here,... because I used either that, or the first edition to modify another car I built in 96, but can't find it. NBD I think,.. it was an HP book,...i'll just buy another.



    This book was originally available for 18.95.


    Did this guy die, and like all post mortem authors,.... their stuff suddenly become collectible?

    Surely people,.... this is a book that was last updated 18 years ago....I don't get it.

    And I need to.
  2. Sounds like I need to sell mine! I'm with you, yowser!
  3. Sell me yours for 18.95