Roush What Happened To XMP??????

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  1. Went over to talk with Eric Cheney at XMP (Extreme Mustang Performance) in Cali and they were Evicted on Nov 12 and the shop is emptied out!:( Anyone know if they moved somewhere else and if so where they are located now??:shrug: I've left a message on their phone service, but have had no response back?? Their are quite a few Mustangs laying around outside of the shop still, among them are an 97 S281 & a 99 Convertible S351! Maybe they are 1st come 1st serve free samples now???:D
  2. Is the 97 S281 Bright Atlantic Blue?
  3. It takes a lot to actually get evicted. Sounds to me like they went under. Their website is still up so their hosting company is paid up (which is minor frankly).
  4. It seems to be a quiet last couple of years for them. They used to
    to have some of the wildest cars at the shows. They were absent
    in 2005 and 2006 it seems. Chicane is just up the 405 and they do great work!

    2000 Black Saleen Coupe SC281 #0388
  5. Not completely sure but I believe he has been out of business for a while now but still in the property. I thought it was a dispute between partners or something which if is the truth is quite common.:shrug:
  6. Eric's in the process of re-locating and re-organizing... I'm sure there will be some sort of announcement soon... toward the first of the year.

    As for SEMA cars, he did have a 2005 Mustang in the Ford display last year at SEMA... that light blue one.

    But this year, he didn't do a SEMA vehicle for Ford, as the Falken drift cars have seemingly taken up a lot of his time; one was on display in the Percy's booth.

    E-mail is probably your best bet in getting hold of him for now.

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  7. They didn't make Bright Atlantic Blue in 97... If there is a BAB 98 speedster,
    that would be Hap's old car...
  8. That was the car I was talking about, didn't know if it was still there...

    Eric is a theif! I took my 2000 Mustang Saleen to him in November 2004 for a complete custom engine build (too many things to list) - He would keep telling us he is working on it and finally I got fed up and went up to XMP because he would not return my calls to my surprise I show up and see the eviction notice. My car was outside so I had it towed out of there. Now I have taken the car to JBA Racing in San Diego, they pull the timing cover off of the motor to check the timing before we started putting everything else back together that Eric did not do and the timing chain was put on wrong and there were numerous USED parts there, so I had JBA pull the engine out of the car and open it completely up, Guess What he took us for $17,000 - There are bad parts and old parts in the engine which is not what I paid for. We have been trying to contact him by his cell phone and his new shop number and email - he does not care, he has taken $17,000 and did NOTHING...I am going to have to spend another at least $15,000 just to get the motor the way it was suppose to have been done by Eric. I hope everyone is very careful when it comes to doing business with him, He is not an honest person and now he is running from people that he SCREWED!!!!!! Not to mention I have a $10000 paint job on the car that he obviously welded next to because there are metal fragments in it now and many other things. He is no longer licenced with the California Automative Bar he did not pay his fees for that back in November 2005. CAREFUL!!!! I am sure he will reopen somewhere, as one time he was a good shop. If anyone knows anything about where he is, I would love to find out! I just want justice, he should have to repay people for what he did.
  10. Sorry to hear about your problems. I saw him Last December at the D1GP drift championship working for Falken. You may be able to reach him at the next D1GP in March.


    OK, to start... 00 Saleen 136, If this is who we think it is, please understand that there were never any OLD or USED parts put onto your motor, and we can show you receipts to prove that. they build all of their motors through Rad Rog race engines and he can attest to what was put into that motor. We are a stand up company and we wil stand behind all of the old work that XMP had performed. Please PM us for our personal e-mail and we can get things right, and yes we are publicly saying we will try to make this right for you.

    XMP completed their entire 5 year lease, but went month to month because they were working on getting into a new larger facility. The current lease rate is Aliso Viejo was up to $3.30/sqft which made the new lease payment way too much for the space they had. Figure $9000/mo for 270sqft.

    The company had a few issues, too many customers, always tried to please everyone, and not having enough room. Those issues have been remedied. The new location they are opening up in in Irvine is MUCH larger, with 5 more technicians, 6 full racks, an in ground dyno, and full CNC equipment. There is a new partner is the mix now with a new coporation that will give XMP a whole new image much like the one they had.

    There will be another update with the new opening info for everyone soon.
  12. It speaks volumes for a company to publicly make gestures to make things right, good luck at your new location.
  13. Please Tell me another excuse

    I do not know how this is but all I ever got from Eric was excuse after excuse. i would love to talk who ever this is personllay...I have pictures of the crap that was done wrong to the car and I have proof of the bs that was put in the car. There was so much stuff missing that we are still trying to get everything back together. We were very patient with Eric and all he did was lie and take up for $17000. If he is opening a new shop he should stand up and fix the problems that he caused for some people!!!! It has been a nightmare!!! I don't think we are asking for much, My bill is getting larger by the day and I have all the paperwork to back it, we have not done anything new to the car, everything was what we had contracted Eric to do. Please email me personally [email protected] or if it is Eric I would love to talk to him and someone please explain to me why my bill to finish the mess I was left with is at $16000 last I check????
  14. It Does not Say Much

    Let me say that if this is Eric responding....All he ever did was give us Lies and he knows he is in the wrong. He would always say he was sorry and he wanted to finish the car but he did not. So as for this reply...Actions speak louder than words!!!!!
  15. Any updates??
  16. I saw their riced out Mustang driving around Aliso Viejo the other night. That is all I know.
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    Well I got ripped off big time too by Eric Cheney of XMP. Gave him about $17k and he had my mustang for 3 years, and never did anything to it but leave it in this big mess. I think he just spent my money and fed me excuses. He would give me the same thing over and over, that he's waiting on this part and that part, and to give him a little more time and he'll have the car ready soon. Also some dispute over the paint shop guy, Pat at Ratikal Automotive, that eric cheated him out of paying for his paint job on his targa top Mach 1, so now he was taking it out on me by not completing my paint job. Well after 3 years i finally got fed up and took my car outa there, (Minus my 96-98 Saleen Rims 10's in the back (stolen) at the paint shop, plus ripped my convertible top to steal my brand new stereo system in the trunk. the whole time he was telling me that he had all my parts in storage because he was moving to a new facility, but i never did get my parts after he closed his shop and took off. Oh yeah, before i took my car he advised me that if i can't be patient enough to wait for him to get my parts out of storage then i should just sue him...and that's exactly what I did , but he never showed up to court so I won a judgement against him but he never paid. Just wish after all these years he would own up to his wrong doing and try to right the wrong.
    I know he has the capabilities.

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