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  1. ight this happened a few months ago, but i never really acknowledged it till now. i mean i noticed it a long time ago, never really figured it out and gave up. but i would like to know now.
    so, had an e-cam, 1.6 rr's, gt-40 heads, and hooker LT's. truck had a ****load of low end torque. i put an EX gt-40 upper and lower, 65mm tb, and a 77mm maf on it. truck lost all that "throw your ass into the seat" but it gained a ton of top end. dont get me wrong i love the top end, but id much rather have the low end. i have an aod and 3.73's.

    what, if anything can i do to get some, or all of it back? ill put it like this, the truck felt like i was gonna pull the front wheels, and i liked it.
  2. I would swap out those 3.73's to 4.11's.. That would help with some torque increase.. You would rather have the 4.11's with an aod anyway.. Maybe even a torque convertor will help but that can be pricey
  3. Using the E cam...with a intake c/l in at 110*, I would advance the center line in at 106* min, and as tight as 104* !! that WILL give back the low end you lost!! There will be no P/V issues as your with the 1.6s and E has a low .050 numbers...cool!! You will loose a few ponies on the top end ( not noticiable) but will gain the grunt, "gonna pull the wheels" back on the bottom!! You lost "velocity" with the bigger parts.. and the advanced cam phasing will help bring it back!!

    Just me........................


  4. ight not to sound like a tard, but..............what? i didnt follow that at all. how do i do that? explain as though you were talkin to a child. lol.

  5. ok ive also been seriously thinkin about this too, so how will it be on crusing and mpg and stuff. as of right now i cruise [email protected] it rides below the cam on the highway and whatnot. how would changin gears effect that part? im sure ill get up above the cam, you know how that the e-cams are, 2500 like a light switch. hows that gonna do on mpg's? when i had the 6 cyl in it would cruise [email protected] 2800-3k. didnt really care for that, it was gas hog.
  6. if you want more torque get a twin screw or posotive displacement s/c

  7. ahh yes, but a snag. im running explorer v8 accy on this motor. its for clearence issues. there are no KB chargers made for these brackets. i love the sound of a twin screw. but thats outta the picture. any kind of centrifugal is outta the question too.........cuz theres no here to put it. plus ive already sat down and done the math on it and i was gonna spend roughly 5K on all the fuel parts, induction, changing over to fox brackets and buying a radiator that mounts under the core...an it was just too much for me to even think about. i then opted for alum heads, gf takes all my money, i cant save up for em, i make it half way and thats it. i swear though on the heads im gonna try to talk mike(thumper) into helpin me. since i really dont have any good downtime, this spring break when we go to PCB im gonna take the heads off and take em with me. lol. drop em off and say ill be back sunday afternoon. lol. if thats cool with him. lol.
  8. ok i bought a set of 4.10s today, just gotta find time to put em in. guess ill bump the timing up a little also like mike sed too. is there anything else i can do to get the bottom end back? afterall i have a little x-mas money and im in a spending mood.
  9. He was not talking about ignition timing, it's cam timing.

    The centerline number is the ammount of degrees between the center of the exhaust lobe and the center of the intake lobe. The lobe center is usually, but not always the point of maximum lift.

    So with your cam, 110 degrees of engine rotation after your exhaust valve reaches maximum lift, your intake valve will reach maximum lift.

    He is proposing a new cam with similar lobes, but only 104-106 degrees between the lobe centers.

    A dual overhead cam car has it easy, because they can make the same change with a set of adjustable pullies, instead of a whole new cam. Since your intake and exhaust lobes are ground on the same cam, you can't adjust them and you need to buy a new cam.