What have you outrun on foot?

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What have you outrun on foot?

  1. Ice Cream man!

  2. Jehovas Witnesses!

  3. 140cilx's red LX that is on jackstands...STILL!

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  1. Lol!!1 Wtf!!!1!!1 I outran The Ice Cream Man!
  2. Jehovas were pretty [EDIT: "fast"] but I got 'em on the top end due to the extra weight :p
  3. A 2.3 N/a
  4. that sounds pretty sick and twisted.

  5. I outran Crovax when I broke his exhaust hanger and his duals hit the ground. :D
  6. oops LOL! Its amazing how things sound so different when you leave one word out. Insert "fast" after pretty and try it again. :p
  7. I should have tackled you.
  8. the cops. hahah that was a fun time
  9. When i had my 4-cylinder stang, my friends made fun of me a lot. One day one convinced me to race him from 1 telephone pole to the next. He would run on foot and i would drive my 1990 2.3L A4LD Mustang

    To make a long story short....HE WON!!

    I never heard the end of it after that.
  10. :lock: :lock: :lock:
  11. I guess we get our laughs now, 140 is gonna eat our stangs alive if he ever gets it outa the garage! I have only once out ran the ice cream man, around here they are pretty quick...i guess cuz they sell things that arnt exactly...uh, icecream :p JW's...i dont run from them, they see my bible and they kick it into 12th gear on those mt bikes and head south quick style! Theres power in the name of Jesus!
  12. I can beat my own car on foot. The only way my car will be fast is if it were falling off a cliff

  13. Damn that really sucks :bang:
  14. Does that mean.....If you pushed your car off a cliff and then jumped off it would beat you to the ground???
    But how do you "know" that??? :p