What have you outrun w/ turbo?

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  1. I finally got amanda's car back on the road a few nights ago and after putting about 80 miles I decided it might be ready for a few test runs.
    First up on the blcok was a 99 ZX2 escort.(I know but I wanted to ease the car back into the racing scene. I gave him about 3 cars moving head start and beat him by 2 cars without running very hard. He was cool he heard about the car but he still raced.
    Next was a 90 Yonda Accord lx ato. :rlaugh: I had to because this dude came up to me and was trying to get me to race. Whoops!... I let off when I was about 15 cars ahead and I don't think he ever got any closer than that.
    I know they were stupid but I did get one decent run later.
    A friend w/ a 95 GT vert. the mildly modded. I ended up beating him by about 5 cars running just under full throttle at the end.

    Last night was just hilarious.
    I ran a 95 LS civic. Its sad, the car does run ok but its the fastest honda in town. I gave him a 2 car rolling head start and beat him by about 1 car. We went back into town and he walked up to the car and said that it was ok. I asked him how it would do against the "world's fastest Honda hatch" in the next town over. :rlaugh: (Runs mid to low 14's in the 1/4) He laughed and said I would get killed because that boy beat him by 3 cars. I told him I wanted to run him again. This time we left at the same time, I spun hard in 1st and 2nd and beat him by about 6-7 cars and I was at 16PSI and not power shifting.

    So tonight I may go run the super honda. Of course video will be provided.
  2. Damn i cant wait

    Listening to all you makes it so i cant wait til it gets nice out again and my now finished turbo stang can punish the imports. I have some stories thou, but with my Mitsubishi Starion(thought it would be fun but to many problems). FUn in the corners thou(independent rear suspension and yokohama advan radials).

    Now i have an Mitsubishi Starion 2.6ltr 4 banger; mildly modified(ported head, ported turbo, 750cc and 550cc injectors, TurboXS BOV, TurboXS boost controller, short shifter, turbular exhaust manifold, 2.5" HKS exhaust with Hayame Exhaust canister(fart pipe, sounds throaty). It ran a best of 14.2 by the previous owner. He revves again.
    I was on 5&20 out of Geneva and just entered Canandaguia when all of a sudden i saw a Mitsubishi Eclipse early 90's, that all of a sudden started revving right behind me. He pulls up next to me and all i see is this GAY graphic of a Panther on the side of the car. A cheap fart pipe out back also. He starts revving again, this time beside me. Its about 9pm Friday night suprisingly little traffic. Light just turned red as im coming to a stop. No traffic in front of me and a little behind me. I look over and see this really scummy looking dude telling me to roll down my window. Convo went like this:

    "I've never seen an Mitsubishi Starion, but i have a front mount intercooler from one at my house."
    I replied back "They're not to bad, just expensive to repair."
    He then asks what year it was i told him 86 and he tells me his eclipse is a 91 GST and has a boost controller and 3" exhaust(must have been homemade :notnice: ) Then tells me he's gonna wipe the floor with me because his Eclipse has 195hp and thats the reason they replaced my car with the eclipses.
    I look back kinda staring and go "ok."
    Light turns green a few seconds later
    He attempts to jump of the line but has massive wheelspin(FWD sucks), while my Yokohama Advans dig right in and make me go. I stay on the throttle until im at 65mph then let off. But he already is at least 4 car lengths behind me. I pull into Friendlys to get something to eat. My friend is next to me going nuts laughing pretty much the whole time. The eclipse owner comes in and tells me he had problems with traction.DUH!!! Then tells me about his friend who runs 11's with his Talon TSI that has a 20c(?) mitsu turbo and a spearco air-water intercooler. But tells me if i ever want to sell the Starion, that i should call him and writes down his number. After that he drives off. I dropped the number and went to eat.
    Pretty much my only racing experience besides a ZX2 of some year that had a header and exhaust(beat him in 4th gear at 45mph to 75mph(never downshifted), while he was in 3rd gear attempting to pass me) :rolleyes:
  3. it was great as we passed i waved goodbye and busted out laughing. should be interesting to night :nice:
  4. I beat tons of ricers, though a pipe wrench is my method of choice. :p

    (cant wait till my turbo motor is done *sigh* anyone own an oil field and want to share the wealth?)
  5. i smoked my friends 93 integra, all it has is an "Intake", its a 1.8 DOHC non v-tec 5spd, i got him by 3 cars, and this is when i still had my A4ld in
  6. 5and20-geneva and canadaguia-wow someone local-if you wanna get together sometime let me know. I have a 88 turbo coupe with a few things done to it :D
  7. I know very little....
    Is that the LS motor??
  8. i have no idea
  9. I beat a guy in a base model Del Sol last summer but it wasn't even a race. I blew by him like he was standing still. I think he just wanted to see me run :shrug:

    I also had an impromptu race with a new Tiburon in a straight stretch (kind of a long story) but anyway I was running dead even with this guy and that was before I even had my exhaust on my car.
  10. :hail2: Sounds cool i'll be looking forward to the Video feed :D
  11. Got a Ram R/T from a 30mph roll the other day pretty good.
  12. 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX Turbo AWD pushing 20psi (only a few car lengths to 70 from 20mph roll)
    2002 Ford Mustang GT w/ K&N Cone, Cold Air, Headers, Offroad X-pipe and Magnaflows (10-70 2-3 car lengths)
    2002 Mercedes Benz CLK320 Compressor
    2003 Ford Mustang Mach One (Coming Soon :)
    1984 Chevy Camaro 350 (see ya later)
    1991 Chevy Camaro Z28 w/ ZZ350 Crate Engine, Duals, and Gears (see ya later...again)
    1996 Toyota Celica GT
  13. You all make me want to turbo my car so bad like i dont know if i wanna put more money into it. Then i come into these forums like this one and im like ahhh i should....
  14. add a modded turbo eclipse and a gsr acura(still don't know what this is?).

    neither were planned they just sort of happened at the same stoplight going opposite directions.

    I was pretty amazed at how well the mitsu ran from a rolling start since I never thought much of them.
    However, from a dead stop it was over pretty quick.

    sorry still no good kills yet but when I'm busy I just have to bust who ever is passing through.
  15. Silly street racers! :)

    ModMustang2.3T: 20G

    351wcoupe: Integra LS are econo-cars with 140hp (@6000rpm) engines, thus the angry bee noise when people put silly exhausts on them. A GSR has the VTEC engine, which is good for 180hp (I believe) at just as high RPM. Hondas are pretty much all power and no torque (just what you'd expect from 1.8L engines...).

    I'm not much of an Eclipse fan (drove a '97 GS-T, hated it), but the GSXs are sweet cars, and all of the turbo Eclipses are pretty much the best bang-for-buck cars out there. :)

    Stinger: Haha, Celica GT... that's like saying "I beat up this 8 year old for his lunch money," hehe. Celicas are nothing more than econo coupes, unless you find a '93 or earlier All-Trac, which'll dish out 190hp through AWD.

    And yes I have a Mustang! It's just... different looking (go go kit car power).
  16. 92 Acura Integra with a B18, full exhaust & CAI, lots of Hondas, this kid around town who says his Maxima runs high 12's with a japan crate motor (lol..more like 22's), every car in the local 5.0 club...only thing I've lost to is a super charged 92 5.0 GT, an 89 Malibu with a 327 pushin 350 and a 69 Camaro which runs high 11's (hes my neighbor and I knew he'd win)....basically I have lost to the three decent cars I have raced....nothing too special here.....


    I would have better stories but I only drove her for a month and half before the turbo pooped....I'll be back soon though...
  17. I really think that has happened to me its starting to make the sounds of a supercharger instaead of a whistle, which is what the last one did right before it popped.
  18. Alot of v6 f-bodies. Some NA ecplipses, and some others butfor some reason I had my ass handed to me by a guy in a Mercury Mystique...<_<
  19. yo stinger how much money does it cost to get a stock 4 cyl mustang to where your car is now?
  20. Mine started to grind, and it sounded like chunks of stuff going down my exhaust. When I first heard it I got excited, I thought it was a reason for me to cut out my cat. But it turned out not to be my cat, which I didn't realize until I had cut it off....