What Headers To Get?

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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong section, this is the second post on this website. Im getting my head gaskets done and my heads machined on my 1999 4.6 2v. but this has nothing to do with that. I live in california specifically los angeles and i was wondering what kind of short tube headers to get. I saw some cat4ward headers that are legal here (also wondering what the hp and tq gains would be) but i was wondering if i put some short tubes on without cats (how much more hp and tq than the catted ones?) the cops would not notice right? and how would i get the check engine light off and would it cause any issues not having those cats but instead keeping the other 2 catalytic converters? hopefully you guys can help me decide what i should do. also would underdrive pulleys help with mpg and performance?
  2. You got the right forum!
  3. so what should i get then? and how would i make a side exhaust work?
  4. Shorty headers will make little to no difference. I'd spend the money elsewhere.
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  5. Shiny headers are the best headers.
  6. i see that you have a supercharger on your mustang, do you think a single turbo would be a good use of money after i upgrade my brakes and suspension? edit: i forgot wider wheels too!
    btw i checked out your stang and i like it
  7. Check out the On3Performance kit. Their new Gen 2 forward-facing kit is leaps and bounds superior to their older kits in terms of quality and fitment. Their price is nice too.

  8. that's a really good price...but with those headers will it be smog legal? remember im in california and when i go to beverly hills to wrestle at my old high school the cops can be VERY annoying. i dont do anything (clean record) yet they act as if i am a career criminal
  9. nevermind theyre not smog legal but you know what im going to do it. but i guess that means i should not do sidepipes cuz i dont want cops staring my car down.
  10. Damn dude, get the hell out of California!
  11. it sucks here lol. the gun laws suck, the smog stuff sucks, the people suck (especially in beverly hills), and rent is real expensive. a 1 bedroom in an area of los angeles that is ok but not great is around 1000. for a 1 bedroom that is cramped in a good area like westwood which is near UCLA you would pay around 1600...by the way hollywood, which by west hollywood which is bordered with bh...it aint that great either. you get tired of it easily. the only real good places are east la (good car repairs cheap prices) and santa monica/westwood...i think i will get that turbo tho with time
  12. i was reading on a cop website and here is what a cali cop said

    "Now I'll tell you how it is in California. Yes you can be stopped just for your car looking modified as long as the officer has reasonable experience to tell him that your car is illegally modified. Things like modified exhaust, racing decals etc are all objective signs that your car is illegally modified. After all if you want your car to run right with the after marked exhaust, you need to modify the intake. That modified intake will probably be a violation. If you have a JDM (Japanese Domestic Motor) it's illegal. Adjustable fuel pressure regualators, blowoff valves, headers, adjustable cam sprockets, nos in jap cars, etc are all illegal. The ticket runs in the thousands and you can't put your car on the street until it's signed off by the smog referee. If you do, the next ticket will be a point on your license and your ride gets impounded."
  13. For the headers. If you can't get long tubes (I'm fairly sure you can't in CA), then don't waste the money. No gains from shorties.

    Turbo vs. supercharger. If you actually drive your car on the street very much, get a supercharger. Get the right one with the right setup and it'll make more than enough power to fry the tires at 70+ mph. And when done right, it'll provide thousands and thousands of miles of care-free performance. The turbo guys can debate this all they want, but the truth is that it is very rare to see a turbo car that stays on the street for more than a few months at a time. Be it oiling problems, or exhaust leaks, or boost leaks, or whatever. There's ALWAYS something wrong with them. Around here, typically speaking, the fastest street cars are on superchargers or nitrous. The only way I'd put a turbo on a car is if it was car specifically built for drag racing at the track.

    On moving. If you like cars and guns, you can't much beat NC or Texas. Haha. I'm from NC, and Nightfire is from Texas, LoL. We'd love ya over here.
  14. Only short tubes that are carb approved are legal. the only way around the header and smog deal is getting a car 1975 or earlier. where could i get a reliable supercharger for cheap (like $2000). i dont want to have issues so that sounds like a better idea by far...yeah out here especially in beverly hills it seems as if the men are not really men and the women while very attractive have an annoying materialistic attitude (if you're not in a beemer or an audi they dont care). some dude i knew got a camaro ZL1 as his first car last year and wrapped it around a tree while trying to drift on a hill and hes actually getting another one too. they can be real fake. my mother is actually from georgia.
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  15. Bev hills sounds like it sucks, I have pypes or H pipe with pypes violators full cat back and never get bothered. I just keep switch my H pipe with stock when smog comes. My brother has BBK lt headers with BBK or H pipe and flowmasters 40's full cat back. Cops are probably just more anal over there. It's an easy ticket for them which makes them look good when they gotta turn in there book for performance review. If you can go to a smog place where they only care if it passes then you'll be fine with LT headers. Shorties only look good but don't have the hp gain to justify the cost of ca legal headers. Your best bet for hp gain while being legal is a kb supercharger. It'll get you close to or in the 400rwhp range with simple legal bolt ons to support.
  16. That's cuz beverly hills does suck in general, one kid i knew got a Camaro ZL1 as his first car and wrapped it around a tree trying to drift (and is getting another one). If i could id obviously drive around with longtubes h pipe and flowmasters if i could. but i dont want to risk it so i have to make sure its not much louder than stock. i do have a place that uses another car in mines place for smog for $250 but i meant if i get pulled over by a cop i dont wanna get screwed or have them assume i modded the engine. jeez the KB supercharger is like $4000...i dont have that but i saw the on3 turbo kit for 1800 that gets around 400hp on 8 psi how is that kit? if i got it i would not be legal of course but its what i can afford so id need to quiet down the blowoff valve, anyone know how to do that?