Exhaust What Headers?

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  1. Well looking at buying mac longtubes and h pipe do you have to remove steering for this install and if so would kooks be an easier install ?
  2. There is no easy LTH install for our cars. They are murder. Plan on 8-12 hours if you're doing it yourself on your back. Using a lift and raising the motor has saved folks some knuckle busting, but it's not much faster. Of course an extra set of hands will help will speed you along.

    I installed American Racing Headers and their fitment was absolutely perfect. Kooks is an excellent choice too. Nonetheless, some of those bolts are nearly impossible to get to. If I did it again, I think I'd drop the whole motor out the bottom.

    But the sound and the gain for boosted motors makes it worth it.
  3. With the right tools and equipment the entire exhaust system can be changed out from stock to long tubes, h/x pipe and axle back in about 4 hours. Of course I am a trained professional:rolleyes:
  4. American Racing Headers IMHO and experience is the way to go!! We sell at 5% off list FREE ground. If you have any Q's contact [email protected]ce.com
  5. I don't mean to throw stones, but I don't see how anyone can accomplish an in car LTH install in 4 hours. I called American Racing Headers and asked them if the job takes as long as it did me or if I was just slow. They said LTH install usually takes them 6-8 hours - and I know they're professionals. Air tools and a lift will certainly help, but cutting the time in half? Just installing a grade 8 header bolt over the motor mount on the driver's side was a 1-click at a time ratchet exercise from purgatory using two swivels and a 2" extension. Then again, maybe you move like Flash Gordon...<G>
  6. Listen, I have been working on cars for a living for over 30 years. I have over $100k invested in tools and equipment. I have extensive knowledge of Ford Mustangs. I have installed a complete exhaust system in an 08 GT in just over 4 hours. Yes the car was on a lift, yes I have power/air tools, yes I know a few shortcuts to getting the job done, and yes they were American Racing long tube headers. You know if you take out the battery, and air filter assembly/inlet tube, and drop the K-member down out of the way, the long tubes go in quite easily. If you are not familiar with K-member removal, then the job can get much harder/longer. The point is that this job can be done in that time. Can the average "Joe" do it that fast? Not a chance. I did say I was a "trained professional". BTW I have also installed the Brenspeed Detroit Rockers camshafts into a 08 Bullitt Mustang in only 2.5 hrs. Another very easy job to do with the right tools and equipment.:eek:
  7. So there! :owned:
  8. Well, my intake isn't a factor (rerouted for my KB), my battery is in the trunk but I didn't try dropping the K-member, removing motor mounts (which are really what's in the way with regard to the passenger side) and don't have a collection of air tools. So if that's what it takes, I'm glad you could do it. I'm glad I won't have to do it again.
  9. If you are dropping the K-member, then the engine mounts are obviously not going to be in the way, and thus everything is right out in the open. Also with K-member out of the way, the front wheels and tires are not there to bother you. For me at 6'4", I need all of the room I can get to maneuver!
  10. I guess; wouldn't want to have your paws in those cramped spaces.

    My next project is the front suspension - K-member, A-arms, X-brace and radiator support. I'll get a clearer understanding of your approach then. Thanks for the exchange. I'm sure your advice will be helpful to others.