What Headlight Bulb Are You Using??

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  1. It make an appearance once in a while. I think it moved this May.
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  2. I've been in the city strictly for a while now but i moved so i got first 15min the city/hwy then 10min around the burbs. A long time ago i hit 2 deers that messed up my hood.But i used that chance to upgrade to what i have now. I love those 2 deers now but now I'm nervous as hell the last 10min or so at night :confused:
  3. I have used silverstars in my daily, they worked great but the lifespan is not that long. I bought 2 sets that lasted about 6 months each. 80-85$ a year for headlights... No thank you. I bought the hid kit on eBay for 35$. I have projectors in my Mazda 3 so I went with the hid's. They lasted more than 2 years before the 1 ballast went out. I drive with my lights on every time I get in the car. I had hid's in my mustang.. Not a fan with the reflector housing. My opinion hid's only work in a projector lense.

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