What Heads Cam And Intake????

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  1. I have a 95 gt with 106,000 miles and i am looking to put heads cam and intake on it. I was wondering what would be the best combo for under 2 grand. I have 3:73 gears, underdrive pulleys, and BBK LT headers. Thanks
  2. Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Engine Kit from Summit is $2,049. It's got just about everything you'll need.
  3. you will find your heads cam and intake for under 2 grand but not much else to complete the install. Lifter, Rockers, bolts, gaskets, are all going to put you over your limit. The following prices are out of the latest mustangs unlimited catalog that I just recieved today.

    Trick Flow heads--1095.00
    Trick Flow Street Heat--399.95
    Trick Flow Cam--139.95
    1.6 Rocker Arms--239.95
    Rocker Stud Set--42.95
    Rocker Shim Kit--8.95
    Push Rods--39.95
    Head Bolts--39.95
    Head Gasked Set 1986-1993--99.95

    Total Install Package 2226.55 not including shipping or installation.
  4. AFR 165s - $1,350
    Crower 15511 - $300
    Ported used Cobra/Explorer - $380
    [by me :o)]

  5. Hey TMOSS,

    Throw down some prices for your P head setup, that's another proven combo.

  6. If you can find the deals I did :D Just gotta be patient and have the money to make a move QUICK when they pop up.

    NMRA Low pass # GT40P factory stock heads, MAC NMRA prepped shorty headers, 1.6 Scorpion rockers - all for $1,000

    97 Explorer intake with 65mm TB and Bosch Design III 19# injectors - $200.

    Haven't decided if I'm going to put a cam in or use the stocker. I may pay for cam modeling and see the difference in the recommended cam and the stocker.
  7. I'm with Tom on this one!

    There is a dyno pull with these parts, I think, on this board or on the Corral and the numbers look good.

    Nice wide & flat tq curve.

  8. Mustangs Unlimted has Twisted Wedge heads for $995.00
  9. Im also going to have to go along with Tom's idea. Let hope it works because he will be doing my intake soon :D
  10. Here it is............


    Very nice torque curve - don't get hung up on peak numbers - average numbers across the rpm band!!!!!!!!!!!