What hood would you want????

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Bryce'sStang, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. I can't decide what hood to get.
    1. Heat extractor from mps
    2. 2000 Cobra R style hood from Cervinis
    3. Cobra R w/ Svo scoop from Kaenen

    I heard that Kaenen makes the hoods for mps but I don't see it on there website and ordering from Kaenen kind of scares me with there website and no phone numbers.
    Also will all 3 fit over a 351w? This is what I am thinking of building in the near future
  2. you need to post some pics to compare
  3. I'de like to see some pics also, but I would say go for the Cobra R. I really like the look of those hoods.
  4. 2000 Cobra R best looking hood. :)
  5. the best looking hoods for our cars are the 96+ Cobra hoods...hands down...oh and the Cobra R hood with 96+ scoops....unfortunatley thats made by cincinatti composites :notnice: .....

  6. 3. Cobra R w/ Svo scoop from Kaenen
  7. i agree with rudeone on this... Cobra R svo scoop for sure...

    ill be getting a svo scoop added to my type R soon... i think they look awesome!...
  8. i like the ram cobra hood, forget who makes it but it looks sweet, but out of your choices ide get the cobra with the svo scoop, i think those look sweet
  9. I have the 2000 Cobra R hood. I love it. Ive got a two tone paint job and when i find my digital camera, ill post pics
  10. I'll agree. I picked up a 98 Cobra hood for my 95. Haven't gotten it on yet, but it looks damn good setting in my basement :D

  11. All three Are Awesome Hoods
  12. cobra R w/ SVO scoop is what i have. Get plenty of compliments on it...i vote for that one.
  13. not 2 or 3

    i dont know what 1 looks like.

    who makes that hood which is a cowl that just smooths out the valley between the 2 ridges? looks kinda stock and then it doesnt. :)
  14. some pics for peops
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    this one is a harwood and looooks tight

    Im a stock hood kinda guy... nothing more than a 96 cobra hood for me, but this is nice

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    straight cowl
  15. Thanks for pics, I would really like the Cobra R w/ Svo scoop but I the one I would get would be from Kaenen. But it seems they are hard to get a hold of direct and all of the people they supply do not a have a listing for this hood??? :shrug:
  16. I am going with the Cobra R with SVO scoop. The red one with that hood made my mind up for me. WOOO WOOOOO.

  17. the pic posted is from oinks car before the turbo install. dont forget that the Cobra R w/svo scoop is slightly different than the one from Kaenen
  18. I used to have a number for the Kaenen, they are out of Florida, but cannot lay my hands on it. I called them prior to getting their Saleen style hood this past summer. The guy was really nice and answered all of my questions. Try a search for them and you might come up w/the number; I think that is how I found it. As far as the hood goes, it is a replica of the Saleen S351 hood so I ASSUME it would fit a 351 under it, but I don't know for sure. Their hoods are pretty good quality. Only trouble I had was getting the side grilles in as the factory screws are not long enough.
  19. Im buying the 2000 Style Cobra R hood from Cervinis this spring. If I were you Id go w/ that one b/c you dont see them on the 94-95's very often at all, thats why Im going w/ it and its a killer looking hood.
  20. I plan to get a heat extractor