What i have been doing this last 2 months

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  1. well, i have been away from stangnet for a few months now, and been real busy around here. I put my twin turbos on hold for the last 2 months to save up some more cash and at the same time twin turbo charged my boys 6 banger 3.8 mustang, year 2000. I'll include the process pics and also some videos of blowoffs etc.... let me know what you all think....

    2000 v6 3.8L mustang.
    (stalker body kit)
    twin t25 mitsubishi turbos
    univer maf
    42# injectors




    Front clip before

    42# injectors

    tapping the oil pan

    mounted ic

    passenger side turbo with downpipe connected

    mounted ic with all piping

    both turbos mounted to downpipe and slim fan

    Engine bay after

    pro-m univer blow through maf


    side view of engine bay

    new catch can.....


  2. This gonna be bad A$$ 6 banger :nice:
  3. nothing wrong with making a quick 6 banger....that thing is gonna surprize more than a few GT's

  4. Nice looking turbo setup. I just finished a Vortech install on the V6 myself. If you haven't seen it, there is a guy @ www.v6power.net that is also running a TT setup on a stock bottom end '00 w/ the trivial boltons and a couple of months ago he cut an 11.9 @ the track. I believe he makes ~310rwhp/370rwtq. You've definitely got a sleeper on your hands my friend. :nice:

  5. Thanks for the post homie.

    The kit you see on v6power.net was produce by this guy named justin. I quickly bought it off of him as soon as he put it up for sale..

    Thanks for all the positive feedback.
  6. That car is SICK!! Did you buy the turbo kit or make it yourself? I'm becoming a bigger fan of modifying cars that typically aren't all the time. VERY NICE!! :nice:
  7. Sweet looking setup? You do all the fabbing yourself? I liked all the pics, but there was one I could have done without..... :puke:
  8. <marquee>:lol::lol::lol:

    What kinda power do you expect with that?

  9. <marquee>you have a officially lost it Rob.... :banana: :rlaugh: :lol: :nonono: :flag: :canflag: :spot: :doh: :stick: :crazy: :jester: :confused: :eek: :chair: :spam: :cheers: </marquee>

  10. So you were the lucky second owner of his setup, huh?? Well, congrats. I've dealt with Justin many times. I first ordered foglights from him a couple of years ago, then my 5.0 pullies and then I got my inj, LMAF, pump and SCT chip from him. So far it looks like his chip was dead nuts on with the blower. Thing runs better now than it ever has. Enjoy the twins, fellas. :nice:
  11. Thats bad ass! I got my Kenne Bell in a couple weeks ago but have no time to put it in. I have work and school and only one car to get me there. I also bought a new hood to ensure it would fit....well, that was the excuse i gave my dad. :D I'll post pics when i begin, but i'll leave my asscrack out.
  12. I don't think that motor/tranny/rear are made to handle that kind of power. I hope it stays together.
  13. Joe, we're upping the rear end to 8.8 asap. off a 00' gt, and his tranny is a tremec already. motor... hmm... we'll see what happens there... optimisim my friend ;)
  14. optimism is all that is needed. Dont go crazy with it before the dyno mundy.
  15. Yeah, I've heard the 3.8s aren't too bad under boost, just keep it tuned safe. Man, I can't wait to see what kind of power this thing puts down. Imagine, a V-8s speed with a V-6s insurance, etc.
  16. Do you mean a V6 T-5 or a TKO or something? If it's the stock V6 T-5....start saving up for something else.

  17. When are we doing mine?
    Looks good!
  18. This is good one :rlaugh:
  19. dont laugh to hard Ernie.....when that thing is done, id think twice about racing it with my mods....

  20. I know ,that gonna be faster car than my Stang, those V6 have 195 hp plus turbo , damn who know 300+