What I Have Learned About Welding

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  1. I have taught myself to weld after some encouragement from some well established forum members. This being said I thought I would pass along some of the things that I learned.

    By a quality welder, perhaps slightly more than you need, in preparation for future projects.
    By a good helmet and gloves
    Search MIG welding on YouTube, they have dozens of helpful videos
    Go to a local fabricator and buy some practice scrap metal in various thicknesses they sell it by the pound.
    Practice practice practice. I went through eight pounds of wire before I put the gun to the car.
    Make sure that all parts to be welded are clean as possible. Even new parts need to be cleaned, I use lacquer thinner.
    If you are grinding paint off an edge to be welded try not to grind it to a knife edge it will burn back easier.
    A good weld does not have to look good. As a matter of fact when welding new sheet metal to old original I found it quite common to get a lot of spitting and sputtering.
    Buy a grinder and a big hammer and don't be afraid to use either.
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  2. You forgot .when that hot spatter burns through your sock,doing a rain dance will not make it quit burning your foot ,Touching a fresh weld is not a good idea, and wear a long sleeve shirt or you will get one heck of a sun burn:rlaugh:
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