What I plan to do... Opinions?

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  1. first off, hello! Been here as "stock 92 gt" but since I don't have that mustang anymore, I figured I would re-register. Anyway, I've had my 06 V6 with pony pkg since it was brand new back in 06. Haven't done a single thing to it yet, besides a KN af and stereo.

    I currently have about 90,000 on the car, yet it still looks great. I recently started looking into getting a used with low miles GT. Yet, I love this car. I know its got some good miles on it and that it is a "truck engine" but I honestly love that about it. So, I decided to keep it and mod the hell out of it. I started pondering a FI purchase, thinking of turbos and SCs, all makes. Decided on the Xtreme Xcharger. But then I started to think, hey there are a good bit of miles on this car, and I don't want to go over 10 psi without anything done to the engine. That's where this forum comes in. I need some opinions on what to do to the engine.

    So plans are:
    SSM Stage 3 heads and cams with new head studs.
    Long Tubes, true dual exhaust (catless)
    Powerhouse 411 turbo, ATI Pro, or Xcharger
    Then necessary Rear end upgrades: 4.10s, Tlok, and the sort.
    Suspension: Control arms

    Opinions are needed/wanted

  2. If it were me, I'd do the heads/cams then the exhaust.

    After seeing where that got me, then the control arms and rear end.
  3. hey maxwell, I plan on getting the ssm stage 3 heads /cam setup as well but if you read there tech info they highly advise you to install forged pistons and change your compression from stock 9.7 :1 to 9.0:1 the reason for this is because ppl were blowing heads with that stock compression . I am also going to do the x-charger as well the reason im going with that and not turbo is because with a s/c the power is instantaneous as for a turbo you have to wait for the it to spool it . those are my plans message me if you want to chat about it or have questions