What ignition/distributor do you run?

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  1. Me again with more questions.

    I am building up a 302 with mild cam and am trying to chose an ignition/distributor system. The engine is a roller cam.

    I consider: MSD, Pertronix, and HEI.
    I am not racing the car so I don't need the very top item. I am also somewhat confused (as always ;) ) in regards to needing the electronic box that sells with the ignition sets.

    Also I am not sure about which wire set to use.

    I am running a carbureted system btw.

  2. I'm using an '85 Mustang GT 5-speed Duraspark distributor(steel gear for the roller cam) hooked up to a GM 4-pin HEI module.
  3. I've used Pertronix I & II, Crane's XR-1 and Ford's Duraspark. All work great to 7500 rpms. To use the first three in a points distributor, you'll need to swap the cam gear to a steel gear though. Done two of these, with basic hand tools and a dial caliper. No big deal. Just have to pay attention to details when doing it. If you buy a Ford Racing steel gear, it'll come with instructions. Gotta watch that you don't move the collar immediately under the distributor body on the shaft.
  4. ford duraspark... reman dizzy from autozone is 52.00, msd coil (use the later tfi for a hotter spark) and duraspark module....
  5. I read another thread here recommending the Duraspark.

    This is without points right?

    What is "TFI"?

    Crane XR-1 is a points conversion to electronic so far I follow that.

  6. TFI=
    Thick Film Ignition.....

    You don't want it, it isn't for your application.
    There are like two thousand threads on the subject of 'best ignition' on the board here. The Ford Duraspark is the same "style" as the MSD. The MSD are worth the money, (distributors) but really not necessary for a street car. The other components are also worth the money, and more user friendly with a street car. (box, 6A, 6AL, coil, wires etc..) I have three cars, one with the complete MSD set up, and two with the complete Ford Duraspark set up. For the money, the duraspark is the way to go, IMHO...
  7. OK
    Sounds like Ford Duraspark is the one.
    Now to locate the exact model duraspark.

  8. I read on some other thread and the 1985 mustange duraspark is recommended since it has the steel gear.

    Here is one: Part Detail at CSK Auto

    Then I would need to get the electronic module kit.

    Edit: OK, I am going with the duraspark II 1985 distributor (with steel gear) now to determine if I should use the GM Hei ignition module or if there is another way.
  9. That's where I got the idea for my ignition.

    Like I said, 1985 Mustang GT 5-speed. It was carbureted with a roller cam and used Duraspark ignition. I think the automatic GT had throttle body injection and a TFI distributor.

    Depending on who you talk to, TFI stands for either Thick Film Integrated or Thick Film Ignition. It allows for electronic timing control and is only used with EFI. It could probably be used by itself, but TFI distributors have the advance locked out because it's all controlled by the ECU.

    Instead of points, the Duraspark has a variable reluctor sensor inside and needs an external coil controller like a GM HEI module or the Duraspark box. One nice thing about the Duraspark box is that it can be wired to pull timing back to base during cranking to make it easier on the starter.
  10. you use the early duraspark reluctor type distributor WITH the tfi coil...just the coil, not the dizzy... it will greatly improve the spark. i have this setup with close to 12000 trouble free miles.
  11. Isn' t that the BIG one?
  12. Why would you put ANYTHING GM on your Mustang??
    The duraspark distributor is a fine piece for street duty, and so is an MSD 6A or 6AL.
    There is an adapter on summit so you can plug directly into the MSD harness.
    The HEI cap doesn't fit worth a crap, and looks like ass on a Ford.
    Don't do it..
  13. Woodsnake

    That's why I started the thread to find the best way.
    In this thread Dirt cheap Ignition there is no HEI cap used, if I am correct only the module remotely mounted.

    I appreciate the MSD part compatability info. :nice:

  14. I have had great service from the C5OF-12127-E distributor. Excellent power, not missing at high rpm, extremely reliable. Dead easy to install, easy to adjust both dwell and advance curve. Call me old fashioned.
  15. Ty Woodsnake :D