What ignition/distributor do you run?

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  1. I'm a Ford guy too but fired hasn't put out a decent v8 in decades... the old 5.0 is great but too old to keep up with modern v8s without building the snot out of it and losing streetability..the modular motors were amazing for longevity and reliability..however they just never put out good n/a hp..and never caught on to the h/c/I after market. Not only that but the over head cam style leaves me with an engine so big that if I wanted to drop it into my 66 I'd have to shave the shock towers....the new 5.0 seems pretty bad ass but is still too new to pick up at a good price..plus Ford is still on that ohc band camp..leaving yet another very wide engine...

    Mean while 350-400 hp push rod hemi and ls engines are a dime a dozen and cheap too..problem is that gm and dodge don't really have any decent muscle car platforms after the mid 70s... makes complete sense to grab say a cheap Fox mustang and drop an ls engine into it....I'll admit I've been tempted too

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  2. V8only, you hit the nail on the head. Dont want to start a big argument here but check this out below. Have 2 LS under my bench!!! :D

    The 5.3 with T5 5-Speed is going in the a Foxbody Mustang and the 4.8 with 5-Speed is going in to an S10. Both motors has 50,000 miles and paid $1100 for both complete pull out - Aluminum heads, roller lifter & rockers. I believe Carcraft did a dyno test on stock 5.3 and pulled 350+ hp on all stock motor.

    Don't have the car & truck yet but he yard was closing up and could not resist low mile motors. I did managed to get rows of T5 from pic-a-part!:rolleyes:

    For my 64 Falcon, I wanted to keep it honest all Ford but, I will have more money in the 5.0/GT40 Heads/TFS1 Cam than the two LS combine combined and will be lucky to make 300hp :(




  3. While I admire a "pure" Ford car as much as the next guy, the OP listed 3 ignition systems that Ford never produced; and you spoke of one Ford never produced (MSD). If Ford was perfect there'd be no aftermarket. Most of the parts on my stang are based on a Ford, but there is probably not one single Ford produced part (except the valve covers, I pulled them off today and they say produced by ford on the inside). Do I like a 350 in a Ford, not really but I quit worrying about other people using Ford parts on a long time ago when I bought my first aftermarket part ( I think it was a mallory dissy about 18 years ago). I use what I works well for me, as the OP is looking for an ignition that works well for his needs; I still vote MSD.
  4. What Ford engine built prior to '94 is decent to you? You can be as nostalgic as you want, but Ford only stopped making the 302 in 2001 (12 years ago, not decades ago) and, save for the cam, it had the most potential of any 302. All the modulars built since '99 have been "decent" at the very least, the present Coyote platform especially. GM has been doing amazing things with pushrod architecture since the LS1 came out.

    I used to be hung up on brand loyalty and using other manufacturers' parts, but now I tend to appreciate ingenuity and smart design more than the megacorp it was developed under.

    An exception is Ford hotrods. A '30s Ford with a 350/turbo 350? UNACCEPTABLE.
  5. I consider the 5.0 the last decent v8 made..until their new line up in 2011. I'm fully aware of the explorer 5.0 engines..I've converted three for use in my mustangs...I live eat and breath 5.0 engines...but I'm envious of the competitions newer and more powerful engines....

    Even if I found a c-headed n/a 4.6 dohc cobra motor...it's still putting out roughly the same hp as a junkyard gt40 explorer engine with a good cam... I want nothing more than to take part in the modern engine swapping that the mopar and gm crowds are enjoying...but thanks to Ford I'm still stuck playing with recycled 60s tech

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  6. With stock cams, almost a half liter less displacement, and no better fuel economy....possibly worse.
  7. Certainly, there is a lot of technology that has improved since the 60's. But I am 47 years old, and so when it comes to my hot rods, I have no expectations other than them being awesome in their natural state. Or modified state.
    If a guy wants many cams and fuel injection, then I think the "Focus" platform may be the hot ticket. Lots of other cars besides the mustang are made by Ford... My bride to be has a 2011 Nissan Altima.
    Great car. 2.5L "special". heat, A/C, cruise, steering wheel controls all work great. And it gets really good gas mileage. It has its purpose.
    My 68 cougar, has aluminum heads, lumpy cam, dual quad and dual exhaust. Heater controls don't work right, windows rattle, gets poopy gas mileage. I LOVE my Cougar (s), for what it is, and what it does, and what it needs. That's why I do this. It's easy to buy something that works perfectly and gets good gas mileage.
    All the big three have short falls, that's why the aftermarket exist.
    And, I apologize to the OP for the hijack.