1. Never seen this before, anybody know what this is:shrug:? Its gotta be the wierdest mustang conversion I've seen:
  2. it's butt ugly, and yes .... it's a mustang

    some kit of wich I forgot the name

    but it's out there ...
  3. I went to the hompage of the site where that pic is hosted (duh!) and it says it is a 91 mustang "Daytona". I still dont know what that is though.........
  4. It's an aftermarket company's conversion of a Mustang using T-bird headlights.

    Steve Saleen might have given them the idea when he made Tim Allen a custom '93 Saleen using the very same T-bird headlights.
  5. well, we're all in a good mood today :rolleyes:

    just came back from the dentist, sorry for being half a sleep :sleep:
  6. I hate daytona widebody kits. blech.
  7. it kinda looks like a newer escort zx2 front bumper.
  8. Saw the kits in a Mustang rag a few years back. Looks ok if done right but on that vert it looks a bit.......