35th Anniv What info did we lose 35th guys?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by VOORHEES, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. start posting again...
  2. okay...

    I like my car, it's pretty and goes fast.

  3. Ok, now your being funny...I mean did we lose anything that might be of some use to anyone? :spot:
  4. Damn! We had some good stuff here. :mad:
  5. What the F happened to all the stuff? I havent been on in like 2 months and come back to this!?!?! GRRRRrrrrr.........
  6. hey,
    im new to this website. i also have a 35th anniversary too. i have a silver coupe. # 3234. with an automatic. my mods are : 1,800 stall converter, trans go shift kit, and a foward manual valve body. i have a bassani x pipe and a steeda catback. i also have steeda underdrive pullies, and a steeda cold air induction. can anybody tell me how i can tell if i have the engine heater? still have yet to figure that out. even the people at 35thmustang.com cant help. thanx!
    ~ chris
  7. production numbers for 35ths

    Hey guys i own a silver automatic coupe how did you guys get the exact number of your car?
  8. Go over to Mustang35th.com, then click the register tab up at the top. Email David, the site admin and he will email you back within a few days with all the info.

    We also have a small, but growing forum over there.