what injectors to buy

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by rustyruststang5, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. i want to get some new siemen deka injectors.
    im going to be running a 75mm turbo'd 306, afr 185 heads, system max intake, 75mm tb, stalled aod. im looking to run 9 lbs of boost and i need to know what injectors i am going to need. i would like to get a set of 60 or 80 lb injectors, my question is what is the differenace between high impedance and low impedance? whats is better for tuning?
  2. Pretty sure you wanna stick with high impedence.. Do a search jricker just posted a chart for different injector sizes in a thread. Are you planning on doing any tuning to this car? If so I would recommend a quarterhorse and a wideband setup. Also check out eectuning.org. It's all about tuning. And people actually answer your posts. Just getting my tune finished up from a guy on that site via phone and email.
  3. You will need high impedence injectors unless you want to buy a pms and a low impedence driver. the question about the injectors size can only be determined by your expected hp output and remember, you never want an injector running above 85% duty cycle