what intake and tuner?

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  1. should i get a xcal from alternative auto with their custom tunes? then buy an seprate intake from somewhere else. with this what intake would be good?

    bamachip tune with the c&l intake?
    the demolet with custom tune?
    ive heard good things about all. the mustang is my daily driver(i have another project car). so im not doing much work to it. so what i do do to it i want the most bang for my buck. price isnt the problem here. just want to know what ill give me better performace.
  2. I havent ordered mine yet(tomorrow) but I can say the J DeMolet has GREAT customer service. :nice: The guy listened to me babble for almost an hour lol :Zip2:

    Give him a call the guy is cool.
  3. www.rpmoutlet.com has good deals on intake/cal packages AEM and Diablosport is the route i took and i havent had a problem yet
  4. demolet i like that intake looks like its top notch. on v6 mustang stuff they have the demolet with tuner. is there a place that sells just the intake? id love to get just the intake and a alternative auto sct tune. ive heard nothing but great things about their tunes.
  5. If possible, get a dyno tune from a local shop.

    If not, I have heard very good things about Lidio and Doug, although I have not personally used their services.

    But I do use Powerhouse, so I can speak from personal experience.

    The Pipeline from Powerhouse is awesome!! And if it is good enough for a Turbo....


    Powerhouse also provides tunes and they are very knowledgeable, friendly, and customer oriented.

    So your options are many.

  6. You could go with a X-Cal2/C&L CAI from Alternative Auto....

    Here's my write up on the C&L from Alt. Auto: http://www.tammyandjohn.com/Mustang/Screaming/Mustang.htm#CL

  7. John, I see you blew your engine at the track :eek: and that you'll be rebuilding it next year ... will you promise us that you'll keep us up to date on your progress with special emphasis on the heavy duty components you plan on using in the build? :flag:
  8. yep... we will be doing a full write up on the rebuild...
  9. ill call alternative auto on thursday or friday and place the order if i can get both with them.
  10. ADW

    I just put this system from Alternative Auto. Lidieo programs his own version of the custom tune into the Xcal.
  11. i went with bamachips. so far i feel that was a bad idea. its been very close to a month and i still dont have the products. i emailed them after 2 weeks they emailed me back and said the C&L was on back order and it should deliver later next week. i was suprised to hear is was on back order. there website says they have x units in stock. then i was alittle angry i had to email them to find this out. i feel they should ahve contacted me about this . anyway later next week came and gone. they didnt respond to 2 of my emails. now i want my C&L intake and tuner from them or a full refund.then ill buy it elsewhere. i just want my stuff ive been waiting long enough.
  12. wow, usually bamachips is really good. sorry to hear this.
  13. yeah thats why i went with them alot of people said nothing but good about them. so far my expierance is bad. after almost a month its real annoying i ordered things 2 weeks after this and got them. well see if they ever answer my most recent email.
  14. Going with the DeMolet myself.