What intake for 351W?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 99FiveOh, May 14, 2009.

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  1. Well, I think I found the gem I'm gonna use for my 351 swap. I need to know what intake you guys recommend.

    I don't really have the cash for the spider setup, so what can I call and order up that will work? Trick flow, Edelbrock, PP's Typhoon? :shrug:
  2. i have a polished typhoon intake. i'm sure it is a restriction, but for a 351 it might be ok. still, i wouldn't recommend it if you are going for max power. i was going for bling and the price is good

    i have heard good things about the victor intake ... :shrug:
  3. Was fit and finish ok with the typhoon? Any cleanup required for the ports and mating surfaces?
  4. One vote for the Trick Flow in a matted black finish. :nice:
  5. Typhoon = Why bother with a 351 swap?

    +1 on Trickflow. They have put alot of research into the EFI SBF...theres 3 different flavors of 351 intake.
  6. re the typhoon ... i'm not sure because i bought the lower used and the upper was shipped directly to the guy who did the install. the lower looked like it had been cleaned up.

    if this is a totally budget thing, then the typhoon may be ok for you. mine sure is torquey as h-e-double toothpicks. be careful man, if you decide to follow the people who say "do it right the first time", you might end up spending a whole lot more than you have budgeted.

    now i'm not advocating cutting corners and taking chances, but i got sucked into the "do it right" approach and ended up spending almost 10 grand on just the motor.

    what heads and cam are you going with?
  7. I would attribute that more to the 410ci long stroke displacement and the 10.25:1 compression than I would any intake manifold. ;)
  8. I've got my GT40 heads, figure I'll bolt those on... hey, it worked for the Cobra R and the Lightning, right?

    Not sure on the cam yet. I'm open to suggestions :shrug: I'd like a good lope, but something that will work well with my computer. For my 302 build I was going to go with a steeda 19 but I guess it won't work with a 351.

    Hows this for a question, Does the Edelbrock Perf. RPM intake outflow the Cobra/GT40 intake? I'm pretty sure it does, so it stands to reason if I use the Typhoon, which is a direct copy of the RPM, I'll still be ahead of the game when compared to the Cobra intake.

    On a side note, I just got back from picking up my 351! I paid 300 bucks for a complete assembly. Came out of a 94 F150. It ran perfect and the oil looks nice. I"m gonna slap my heads and a new intake on it, throw a cam in it and drop it in.
  9. Another question, can I reuse my head bolts from this 351? I know yall are gonna say "get arp bolts or studs" but I'm on a budget as mentioned above so I have to cut some corners.
  10. When are you looking to get one? Im selling my Trick Flow R but not until this fall.

    When it comes to the 351W there are only a few intakes you should really use.

    Trick Flow R

    Edelbrock Victor 5.8

    I know there are prob some more but I dont feel like thinking. If you stick a 302 intake on a 351 you will get 302 power.

  11. Why do people keep saying that? It's BS! A 95 cobra and a 95 Cobra R have pretty similar parts on their engines, yet the 351 makes alot more power and a ton more torque than the 302. Why? Becuase it's a bigger engine!

    Thanks for the offer on the R intake, but that's too long. I want to start on getting this bad boy in soon. Keep me posted though because I"ll probably end up getting the typhoon crap for now, then I'll get your piece when it's avail. I was looking at the Edelbrock piece, but it claims 4000rpm and up! That's gonna have nothing for low end, not good for the street.

    This car will probably NEVER see a drag strip. And in the future I plan to run either a DIY turbo kit or S trim on this motor, so even if I build a truck motor, the boost will take care of the top end for me! :nice:

    And what's with summit?! They have gotten outrageous! they want 600.00 for a polished 302 Typhoon intake! You can get them on ebay all day long for under 400 bucks polished.
  12. Because it's mostly true. If you put together a combo that would make 300rwhp on a 302, then build a 351 with the exact same combo it'll probably make 320-340rwhp. Once you reach the power limit of the parts, you're basically moving the powerband down lower in the rpm range by increasing cubes. Say the 302 made peak power at 6k, the 351 would probably peak between 5300 and 5600.

    For your setup I would probably go with the RPM or Typhoon. The larger intakes will be good for later upgrades, but they're not a very good match to the GT-40 heads.

    Also, I have the Victor 5.8 and my car makes over 300rwtq at 2000 rpms. It's that larger cubes shifting the power band down thing. ;)
  13. Ok, this is what I needed! I posted a problem with the victor and you solved it for me.

    Next up, where is the best place to pick this intake up at? Summit seems to be high on their prices all of the sudden.
  14. Yes...and they made all of 300hp and 245hp respectively. Use the GT40 heads and a smallish intakes if you want to save the money now, but realize in the event you do ever get tired of high-200, to low-300 horsepower, power levels, that they're going to be the bottle neck of your combo.
  15. Man you don't know what you want to do. You need to sit down and think this through so you don't end up doing things twice or three times. Forget what anyone says on here (including myself) and you need to get in contact with Jay Allen or Ed whatever his last name is and see what they suggest and get a cam by either of them. Jay is an ******* and I don't like him but if I were you I'd go with him over Ed.

    With that said go with a Victor Jr EFI setup with a 90mm Edelbrock elbow and a 90mm Accufab TB. But what do I know, my car is slow for what it is.
  16. No, I cannot put into words how restrictive that intake is on your car. :notnice:
  17. I've heard the regular R has problems with the design of the upper. The box would be a good choice however good luck finding a hood that will clear it on a 351. Its not gonna happen.
  18. You have alot to learn. I see you getting in over your head very quickly. :nonono:
  19. Ive used both the Reg R and now the box upper. You need a hood thats 4" cowl. And the cowl has to be higher in the front. Lowering mounts gives me about 3/4" clearance on my hood.



    Its gotta get painted i know...
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