What intake for 351W?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 99FiveOh, May 14, 2009.

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  1. If these parts are so bad to use on a 351, what was the point of a Cobra R? Why would Ford put such a worthless engine in their Mustangs and Lightning trucks? I guess they're idiots as well huh.
  2. I really really hope you take my advice and put the 351 on the engine stand and build it the right way the first time. And for now put the explorer motor in your car and beat the living hell out of it if you want because you know its not going to stay in there long. There is nothing like looking at your progress at work on an engine stand. Do it right the first time or IMO I don't think it will happen. You seem alot like my friend that always tries to outdo me. Right now he has a 357W with crappy heads, an OK intake, and a carb and he cannot outrun my 331. If he would simply listen to me he would have a fast car, but he wont...and he will never have a fast car. But I'm not going to press this onto you and ruin your thread. You will figure it out the easy way or the hard way. Its up to you. Good luck man! :nice:
  3. The same reason they make a "performance" motor that has issues with the block splitting in half. $$$$$$$

    Why is Chevy always faster stock for stock? They spend more money and do more research.
  4. Mehhh, I would say that logic is severely flawed. I'd attribute their edge in the horsepower wars to Fitting a bigger engine under the hood than the other guy to compensate for putting out an over all inferior automobile. It really has nothing to do with research or money. If that were the case, the last Gen F-Bodies wouldn't have failed. If GM would have done their research, the would have know that it took more than a big set of brass balls to build a sports car. Its that narrow minded thinking that's gotten the company where it is today.... and it looks like they're doing it all over again with this latest rendition of the Camaro SS? Ford has always had the capability of running head to head against Chevy in the horsepower wars. They instead choose to spend more attention to detail on the balance of the entire vehicle itself, than just one component.

    As far as them "always" being faster stock for stock. I recall it being a pretty dead heat between the two cars trading victories all the way up until 1993. And that was back when we were comparing a 302HO to 350TPI.....and even then the gap wasn’t all that large until the introduction of the LS1 years later. Ford then took the lead again in 2003 when the FBody took a Crap and the '03 Cobra no longer had an SS to play with, so it chose to beat up on the Corvette instead. :shrug:

    Round and round and round we go....;)
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  5. I'm just messing with ya. :) I agree with what your saying, just not in this situation. If you're doing a high performance engine buildup, then yes it's a good idea to take your time and build it right the first time. The way I see it, Mark is NOT doing a high performance engine build. You've pointed that out about 100 times already. ;) I think he understands by now that a stockish 351 isn't much faster than a GT-40 302, i.e. the Explorer engine.

    Now if the plan is to install the 351 now, then build it up in 6 months or a year, I'll have to agree with Stopsign. Put the Exploder engine in and build the 351 slowly. If the buildup is a 2 to 3 years down the road deal, go for the 351 swap now.

    There's also nothing like looking at your progress at work on an engine stand and wondering "when am I going to be able to afford the parts to finish this damn thing?". ;)
  6. Stopsign-

    I saw your links to the Edelbrock intake set up and I have seen them run on the push rod motors before but that was for a 4.6 application, is it that same intake that's just interchangeable or was it just not the correct link?

    is that set up w/ the elbow on top better as compared to the Victor 5.8? I talked to Tmoss and he said he could port the upper/lower for $250 and equal the flow rate of AFR 205's which I plan on for my 408 build

    Low5.0 do you have pics for your Victor 5.8 set up?
  7. Thats hott.

    Summit sells one that is Titanium Powdercoated which kicks ass.

    Is the opening on the end 75MM or 90MM? How do you like it, good/bad things to say?
  8. My mistake, here is the intake Edelbrock 29245 - Edelbrock Super Victor EFI Intake Manifolds

    I knew the made this one so I figured they made a Victor Jr one in EFI form. Anyways I think the Super Victor would do better anyways. Maybe not on a 351cid but a stroked one this is the intake to have. IMO your motor needs alot bigger heads though.

    In your situation I think the Victor 5.8 would do better. However I do not like that idea because of the 180 degree turn. IMO that is one reason why my 331 makes 457rwhp, because my intake is not the traditional 5.0 intake design.
  9. Looks nice!!! :nice:
  10. 75mm opened up to 80mm. I like it, but I've never had anything else to compare it to. IMO, the TF box intake is better, but you have hood clearance issues with that one.
  11. 351+cid the Super Vic EFI is the way to go with a 90mm elbow and a 90mm TB.
  12. A friend of mine has that setup on his 427W. Our cars run identical times, mine may be a touch faster. ;)

    Seriously though, that's a good setup. He's running an OTS cam, TF stage 3, so I imagine a custom cam would help a lot. He actually just ordered one, so I guess we'll find out this summer. :)
  13. And my 331 should run about the same times as your car does. ;)

    Alot of things besides the intake have to do with what a car will and will not run. The Super Vic EFI is the intake to go with for a big inch Windsor. IMO a well built 408+cid should trap no less than 125mph in the 1/4th. Most will be around 130mph.
  14. Well I probably have the only 400+ CI engine with 400+rwhp to run, idle, and drive very nicely with a stock untuned 94-95 ECU. I'm sure I gave up some power to get that driveability. See, I did what you like and went all out on this motor. By the time I got the short block and heads I was already almost over budget. I knew I couldn't afford a tune right away, plus I wanted more of a street car than a track car, so I made sure the cam wasn't too wild. I put close to 1000 miles on it before I could get it tuned. :)

    I've thought about upgrading the cam now that I have an AEM, but I'm frustrated with the driveability issues and I'm afraid a bigger cam would make it worse. My #1 goal right now is to make the car drive as close to stock as I can get it. Goal number 2 would be to get 11.50's and/or 125mph in the 1/4. :) I'm hoping to pick up a little bit of power from the switch from stock MAF to AEM MAP, plus I ported the intake over the winter. I'd like to do some more weight reduction, try some lightweight rims, and remove the spoiler at the track. That should get me close, I hope.

    One last thing, I let Ed Curtis @ FTI choose between the 5.8 Vic that I have and the Super Vic "Spyder" intake. I told him I would go with whichever one he recommends, and that happened to be the Vic 5.8.
  15. Well I can't tell you which intake would be better for your car without knowing stuff. What RPM do you take your car to? Compression ratio? What size cam? Etc...
    And depending on what you told Ed will depend on what intake he suggested you go with. If you told him you want your car to drive good around town and have alot of torque then no, he wouldn't suggest that intake and neither would I. But if you wanted your car to be fast (no offese because it runs good now) then I would go with the Super Vic.

    Even with the cam you have I'd like to see the before and after with that intake swap. :nice: Big cubes + big heads don't need a big cam to make big power. ;)

  16. If all of this does happen and I hope it does then I dont plan on keeping these heads anyway. I wanted to go w/ a set of AFR 205's, I would also do a fox style set up for the TB. Like Low5.0 said I need to talk to Ed and see what he thinks Im not making a dedicated track car b/c I still drive it on the street often so driveability is important. My goals are to run 11's and net 400+ RWHP. According to Rick at RNH performance the Victor 5.8, AFR 205 (Ed cam) combo will give me those goals.
  17. If those are your goals then yes I agree. The Super Vic EFI is more for the higher HP setups. But I will warn you, 400rwhp gets boring very fast.
  18. Ive never been over 339 so I guess it will suit me for awhile. Im also going to run the fox set up w/ an accufab 90MM TB and have Tmoss port the upper/lower and open the upper opening to a 90MM to fix match the accufuab. I got an e-mail back from ed and he said the cam I have now will work fine he just wanted to see me upgrade the spring kit to suit the AFR 205's. So over all looks like everything is planned out now just just a matter of saving up and getting it all
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