What intake for 351W?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 99FiveOh, May 14, 2009.

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  1. IMO I would tell you to spend money now towards the future. If I were you I'd go with AFR 225s and I would go with the Super Vic intake with a 90mm elbow. I think you would make more power and be happier in the long run.
  2. like I said its still a street car. If it was just a track car that I was going to trailer to the strip then I would do that but the 205's and Ported Victor 5.8 will get me to the goals I want. 205's are almost 2K and 225's are even more and the 205's will get the job done w/ out cutting corners.
  3. Okay here is my question, what motor mounts, oil pan and headers are being used to do the 351 w swap?
    With the 351 w being three inches taller than the 302, clearance will be an issue.
    I have heard that there are motor mounts that provide a 3/4 inch drop and I suppose I could shim the k-member a 1/4 inch leaving me with 2 inches to deal with hopefully leading to a smaller cowl hood.
    If I go with a turbo instead of a centrifical will the header issue be a mute point?
    I have a dart alloy block, bored to 4.125, with a 4 inch stroke, and 225 raised port heads. It will remain fuel injected, so I am considering the trick flow R intake.
  4. From what everyone has been telling me, I don't think the TFS R intake will be enough for your combo!
  5. Super Victor EFI with an elbow
  6. I think a Hogan's Intake is what you want for your budget swap!! :rolleyes:... :D

    It's about 11" or 12" tall and with a Griggs K member spaced down 1/4" it fits under the Saleen Heat extractor hood.

    The pic's are not the best.....

  7. That looks really nice. How much does that dent the pockets for?
  8. $2800 , The intake is $2500 + 300 for the fuel rails.

    They custom make them for your engine. So you have to tell them what heads you are running, etc.
  9. Yeah, I was going to mention they were custom. I have a buddy who had one built by them and it looked completely different. Dual throttle bodies and all. Looked very exotic, but nothing I'd want to run on the street without some serious cubes or forced induction to back it up.
  10. BTW the TFS R Comes in a 75mm R, 90mm R and Box R 90mm. Whats enough?
  11. I guess edelbrock makes 3 different elbow sizes. Which one do I want? Summit lists all three here: summitracing.com
  12. I guess it all depends on how much hood clearance you've got to work with. They're all the same size from what I can see, only their profile and mounting position is different?
  13. how bad would that intake kill low end. it would probably be pretty good for boost later on though.

    how much do you want to spend on an intake? i keep a good eye out on the classifies over a few forums and i ran across this i dont know if the guy would come down anymore tho

  14. I don't know if anyone replied about re using head bolts. Don't do it! I was on a budget reused arp head bolts. After a week they stretched and heads started leaking. It cost me the weekend, more gaskets, head gaskets, and still had to buy head bolts. Why are lessons so expensive with cars.
  15. I've reused head bolts on dozens of different builds with varying engines without a single issue....ever. :shrug:
  16. Good God, headbolts are cheap...just get new ones. You could probably reuse some old oil and be ok, but it would probably be better getting new. :rolleyes:
  17. That intake would not be good for a 351cid with some dinky GT40 heads. Look into something like a Victor 5.8. You are really wasting your time putting GT40 heads on the 351 so giving good advice on an intake would be hard to do.

    Anyway you cut it the car will not make 300rwhp. More like 270rwhp and 350rwtq. The torque numbers will seem good but it will fall off fast. You will probably peak around 4,000rpms and you will be shifting at 5,000rpms to keep yourself in the powerband. 302s with your average Trickflow top end kit will be handing you your ass.
  18. I'd really hope a 2500.00 Trick Flow top end kit would hand the ass to a stockish 351W. That's comparing apples to oranges right there. Put that TFS top end kit on the 351 and see what happens.
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