What intake for 351W?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 99FiveOh, May 14, 2009.

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  1. LOL totally agree. I think this guy wants a budget build to scrape by with a 351 in his car just to say "I have a 351". Well it will end up running crappier than a mildly modified 302. With the HP and TQ numbers ide say this guys better off starting a thread that says "Power Stroke Diesel Mustang Swap".:nonono:

    If you want to build a 351 that bad i say finish building one of these and put it in your living room on an engine stand as a conversation piece. Best of all its only $296.39 and makes only 270hp/ 350tq less than your build will. Sure sounds like a mild build to me. :shrug: P-Ayr 3024 - P-Ayr Products Replica Long Block Engines
  2. for the 1000th time, I'm going to BOOST the engine. When i boost it, none of this crap will matter as much. I've seen what a S trim can do with a bone stock 5.0 longblock, so I'm pretty sure it'll give me even better results on a 351. If the 351 is making stock power, so be it. I'll live with it until I bolt up the supercharger, then I'll be right where I want to be.
  3. I'm talking laws of physics here....stock valve is under 2" now you're increasing the cubic inch size. Thats like trying to fill an auditorium threw a doggy door. SURE you can have a big bouncer man shoving people threw the tiny door at a high rate of speed....But in the end it wont do any good.

    Typically you can run smaller intake/ head parts under forced induction because you're speeding up the air. Kind of like how guys with too small of an injector or a fuel line will crank up fuel pressure. But with STOCK heads you would have to move that air pretty fast. (Against the laws of physics) But hey ill just sit and watch....ill be really curious to see those dyno results.
  4. Stop it! Stop it! You are making sense! :rlaugh:
  5. If you dont want to cheap out to bad I'll also be selling my AFR 185's when I do my 408 build up. GT40 heads on a 351 is usless regardless if you have boost or not. I dont get why you are so set on a 351 when all you want to make is 302 power.

    Why dont you just make this really easy on yourself and put a Trick Flow Top end kit on a 302 and boost it. Bang 500 RWHP.
  6. Ok, on your questions "why don't I just put a TFS top end kit on my 302 and boost it?"

    Well, my 302 and the one sitting in the shed have some miles on them. Not only that, when you push a 302 up around 500 HP, it is NOT going to be reliable anymore. Thus, the word budget goes out the window when you factor in a 3000$ S/C kit and a 2500$ top end kit. And even if you build a motor out of a stock 302 block with all the goodies, it'll still be in block splitting territory.

    And furthermore, why the hell do you guys keep saying GT40's on a 351 is useless? Why would Ford put them on there if they were that useless. And don't you agree that an S trim pumping about 13 psi down the throat of that mild 351 could be refered to as "The Big Bouncer"?

    I had great results when I supercharged my stock 302 and I'm pretty sure it'll be the same story with this 351. Even if I make the SAME exact power my 302 made, at least I know evertime I stab the accelerator that there's a very good chance my motor will live through it. My last S/C'd 302 was most definately on borrowed time with the setup I had, but it made killer power none the less, and I'll be tickled pink to have the same power again.

    And, I'd be willing to bet money that given the same setup, the S/C'd 351 will make at least a few more FT LB's of torque than the 302 did.
  7. Good point, it looks like the 351 you are putting in it has around 25k miles on it.


  8. Sure doesn't, which is exactly why I'm not planning to run a top end kit on it. Like I said before, when that check for 5 grand makes it's way from your checkbook to my mail box, I'll be glad to buy whatever parts you want me to, until then, lay off with your crap. You gave me your opinion and advice, now it's my decision what I want to do with it.

    I'm doing this cheap and if it turns out to be a turd, it'll be my own fault. I was warned. But it doesn't make me any less of a person because I'm not made of money and can't go buy all the best the Mustang aftermarket has to off, does it?
  9. I don't care what you do. We all have advised you to not do what you want to do. What I do hope is someone else now or later does not read this thread and go down your same road.
  10. And with those final parting words, this sounds like a perfect opportunity to sew this thread up. Thanks for playing all. :)

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