What Intake Manifold Is This?

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  1. Can someone tell me if this is stock or some other type?

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  2. It's a stock GT intake.

  3. AKA: Crap
  4. It's how Ford managed to get 43hp/liter.

  5. That's only one of the things that led to a mere 215hp from the factory. Just about everything on the stock 5.0 engine is restrictive and if you think 215hp was bad, the same engine only made 165hp back in the mid-70's.
  6. I thought it was rated at like 145hp in 1983.

  7. I was too generous. The 302 was rated as low as 122hp in the mid-70s! It must have breathed through a straw.
  8. Remember guys, now days the intake is a cold air intake and that may be the question here. If that's the case it is aftermarket and it's a fender kit by either MAC or BBK. If you're really asking about the upper intake manifold which sits on top of the motor then like everyone else that would be a stocker with the plaque removed.
  9. I can't stand it when people call the air cleaner ducting anything that confuses it with the intake manifold.:stupid:
  10. So to answer the OP's question the intake manifold is stock but the air intake tube is aftermarket.
  11. Thanks guys, I was talking about the intake manifold so I now know it is stock.