What is a good muffler for 2013 mustang?

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  1. I'm 16 and about to get my first car which is a 2013 v6 mustang (cant get v8 cause its too expensive) and i wanted to make it sound more aggressive. So i want to put a after market muffler in. What kind of muffler sounds really mean and aggressive? and will it fit the 2013 model? and it can't be something that is too expensive, a little cheaper!!!
  2. This is one of those topics that you really cant take anyone's opinion on. You just have to listen for them for yourself and make a decision. Youtube is a great source. This is also an opportunity to get involved in the community and meet other mustang owners. Most will be happy to let you listen to their exhausts and give you a ride in it to see for yourself. After narrowing down your choices from Youtube to a couple or so, get active with your local mustang club and listen to the ones people have.

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  3. My neighbor put Roush stage III on his, sounds mean

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  4. haha i had the same question on my mind and after 2 weeks of research and study i found 2 answers to that question ... both are available on the Americanmuscle.com website ... one is the roush axelback exhaust sounds goos not too much droan and it even looks nice and is pretty affordable ... 469 if im not mistaken .. the other the one i want to buy is a lil more pricy its 789 if im not mistaken and it is the borla atak axelback exhaust it is mean loud and above 2500 rpm it screams with aggressivness !!!! i believe it sounds amazing and tho the price is a lil heavy u get your bang for ur buck ... IMO but check out American muscle and they have videos with all the exhaust sounds and what not :) good luck
  5. My opinion, Ford Racing exhaust, though expensive, sounds the best.