What Is All Needed To Build A 800 Horsepower '13 5.0?

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  1. As soon as I get out of basic training I am buying a 2013 mustang 5.0. I already have the deal set up with my local ford dealership. I'm looking at throwing a 2.8l kenne bell on it ASAP. What's needed to support the power the supercharger makes plus what cooling and fuel systems will I needed for the car and what mods will I have to do suspension wise?
  2. Well... You can start by pulling that brand new motor out, tearing it completely down, and replacing the entire rotating assembly with all forged internals. Give us a shout once that piece is done. :)
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  3. I'm looking at a built short block from blow by racing. I already have somewhat of an idea of what ima do to the motor I just need help with suspension setup and with fuel and cooling.
  4. The quick & easy route would be an FRPP Aluminator engine.

    For suspension, if you check the vendor's section here on stangnet, I know of at least one suspension manufacturer running 9s on 700hp and 275 drag radials. It can easily be done!
  5. I have to ask. For what this is going to cost you by the time you are done , wouldn't you be able to buy a new GT500? I know its doesn't have the 800 hp you are looking for , but at 662 ponies you would be starting out a lot closer to your goal. Plus you would have a car that as far as the suspension ,brakes and cooling go , is better suited to handle the type of HP you are talking about.
  6. Yeah it would be a better platform to start from but I'm not going to r able to afford the 1000$ a month payment that comes with the gt500 I'd live to have the gt500 that was my first option but when I did the pricing and stuff it was out of my range. The 2013 5.0 I got priced at about 430 a month and that's a little more doable. Plus dont for get I'm 21 and full coverage on these cars won't be cheap.
  7. FRPP?
  8. Ford Racing Performance Parts.

    You're going to have a LOT more money wrapped up into trying to get 800HP from a GT than you would a Shelby. Even if you're making a dyno-queen.

    You're well into Super Snake territory. You're talking Water/Meth injection, maybe even exotic race fuels with a Coyote motor.

    You're in effect, trying to DOUBLE the HP of a production motor.
  9. Well basically what you're saying is that it would be a waste of money?

  10. What I'm saying is that unless you haven't got a budget to worry about, that you're likely not going to meet your goal.

    Either that or you'll end up taking a short cut and grenading the whole motor.

    Were it me... I think I'd buy the car that I had my heart set on (in this case a GT). Go out and do some research on supercharger systems. Pick one out that is SAFE for the stock motor but also allows you some room to grow (through increased boost).

    As you're able, you can build up the motor, drive train, and suspension components as you go.

    Off the top of my head, the newer 2.6L, liquid cooled, Kenne Bell will dish out more boost than the stock motor can handle. The 3.6L puts out even more (although I'm not sure it's a available for the 5.0).

    At any rate... Take a look here: http://www.kennebell.net/KBWebsite/SC_pg/Mustang 5.0 (2011)/layouts/Mustang2011.htm

    After you've read through everything, call them up and ask them questions or send an email. Find out what a complete kit will cost you including throttle body and supporting mods. Tally it all up and see if something like that is an option for you.
  11. Okay we'll next question is what is the stock block good up to? And I don't plan on just throwing 800hp on the car I want to put the kb on the car and the kit makes 675. My dream car is the gt500 but it's out of price range ATM. Maybe my next build will be a gt500
  12. From what I've seen so far, the connecting rods become an issue at around 600 HP.
  13. Well if I can afford it ill go the gt500 route
  14. Have you thought about a used 2010 GT500? I see them selling in the mid 40's. 550hp isn't to shabby.
  15. Straight out of basic training? Do you know what base pay is at E2?
  16. Less than what his meal card is worth. :rlaugh:
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  17. Base pay at e2 is about 1800 I do believe.
  18. If I can find one where ever I'm at. But I'd still rather have a new one with lower miles. Idk I'm just really picky when it comes to cars.
  19. But when I do pick what I want wether it be a 2013 5.0 or a 2013 gt500 ill have about 15,000$ save up for a down payment.
  20. Dude, do what you want, but coming out of basic with E2 pay and trying to build a 800HP car is going to make you go in debt faster than a politician sticking his hands in your pockets. Base pay for an E2 is $1699.80. Do yourself a favor and at least wait till you're an E-4 or E-5 and geting BAH and BAS before you start your 800HP car goals.
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