What Is Being Done To My Image?

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  1. Someone with apparently lots of "oomph" has managed to wangle my account such that when I sign off "imp" on a post, it comes out "peanutbutterjellytime".

    If it does this for this post, I shall turn in my credentials.

    WTF! imp

    Edit: Note below the post the username making this effort.
  2. Lol. Relax it's just one of the moderators having a bit of fun:nice:. It means we like you and you have been officially accepted. Welcome to to the inside joke club of Stangnet
  3. That is strange. We'll get @karthief to look into it.

    I wonder what happens if you type important.
  4. Look at what?
    I like peanutbutterjellytime, make mine triple decker please with some cold milk, then it will be karthieftakesanaptime.
    And no I didn't do it, wish I had, too funny.:rlaugh:
  5. Awright, then, I'm laughing too! Easily aggravated lately because of large variety of PC "take-overs", usually locking it up, telling me to call Microsoft. Worst was the FBI worms, really authentic-looking U.S. Treasury Department logos implying the "Law" was coming down. imp
  6. These are nice. They help keep the sun out of your eyes:


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