What is best CAI with SCT 2 --- help please

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  1. Hey, I want to upgrade my CAI and get the SCT2 tuner...

    I know nothing about CAIs so which ones are the best, and which ones should I stay away from?
  2. IMO... the best intake has yet to be seen. The aftermarket is just beginning to blossom. I'm holding out to see what gains the Ford Racing and C&L produce.

    As far as this very moment, AFE's intake probably produces the most gains (12hp without a tune, more with one)
  3. Physics dictates that the difference between one CAI and the another, relative to the difference between any one of them and the original equipment, is almost certainly miniscule. I have a generic, $150 CAI for my Dodge Dakota, the cone inlet for it looks in size and shape very close to my much more expensive V6 Steeda. There isn't a magic machine inside those cones that make one much different than the other.

    We have our preferences and bias, but until we see a dyno comparison of one to another on the exact same car on the same day at the same temp, there will be no proof of one better than another.

    It's all good....I really like my steeda CAI with a BrenSpeed xcal tune.

  4. Did you get the xcal - 2 version or the xcal?
  5. xcal2 with steeda CAI from brenspeed.com

    The programs loaded are identical for both xcal and xcal2, but the ability to have a visual interface and download updated programs was big for me.
  6. I especially appreciate such candor here and hardily concur.

    FWIW, K&N has just hit the market with a unit for the Ford 4.0 V6 now

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  7. The newwer K&N has been out for a couple weeks. Like the older one, it still requires cutting a stock piece. That's not so ideal in my eyes (especially if you ever need to put your stock intake back on!)