What is better? LOUD or QUIET supercharger?

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  1. Just some opinions wanted, What would you rather have? Assuming the same performance, would you rather be quiet or let people know?....im trying to decide what i want. My car really isnt a sleeper, but do i want people to know i have a supercharger? The coolness factor exists also of a supercharged mustang...i dunno, what would you do?
  2. I love the sleeper idea, BUT ive given up on it on my car. I have supercharged emblems, nice hood etc etc so since everyone knows its supercharged, might as well have it sound cool too then. I vote for loud if your car looks nice, or quiet if your trying to pull a Vib.
    BTW, do you have AIM?
  3. Keep it quiet. I'm all for the sleeper status.

  4. Screw the sleeper status, I spent 3K on a blower I want to be able to friggin hear it.

    I pulled into the gas station a few days ago and some kid in a WRX walks up to me and asked.. " Is that supercharged?" I said yeah it is " Nice I thought it was b/c I head it when you pulled in"

    no better comment then that :nice:
  5. Having a blown Mustang and wanting to keep it quiet for the wussy sleeper status is like having a hot 5'4 blond g/f w/ 36 C's good enough looking to be a model and never taking her out in public and showing her off :notnice:
  6. LOUD! I need a supercharger
  7. I'll take it any way I can get it
  8. preach it sister!!!!
  9. What ever u want it to be...the SQ's and all, arent total sleepers (still very noticable)
  10. Yeah pulling up to meets and everyone is like that Gt's supercharged, it jsut turns heads and makes all that money gone worth it.
  11. Loud!!
    I love my S-trim! :banana:
  12. loud for sure.
  13. Loud! I herd a vortech on a 96 cobra when i was getting my new tires put on about 2 weeks ago. It was a SQ it wounded like he had a tire leak. Not loud just sounded like crap espically when he got on it when he left.
  14. Loud As Can Be
  15. But see, the thing is, I don't care what other people think. I don't flaunt ANYTHING I have. My ego isn't that consumed with myself.


  16. WTF??

    It has nothing to do w/ ego its has to do w/ paying that kind of money for something and no one ever knowing it is there.

    Its the same as repainting your car some badd ass custom color and driving stright home from the paint shop, putting it in the garage and closing the door on it for the whole summer.
  17. another vote here for LOUD!