What is better? LOUD or QUIET supercharger?

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  1. Unless you are racing a lot of people for $$ and dont want them to know whats under the hood, then LOUD would be the way to go!
  2. As much as I love the whine of the S/C. I'de want a silent kit to keep it on the DL
  3. They'll know it's there when they see it going down the track...

  4. holy god why even ask this question, havent you ever heard an 03/04 cobra, that blower whine is sick!!! it makes me drool every time I hear it, another vote for loud.
  5. No one needs to know it's there. All they need to know is they just got their doors blown off. When people ask what I have done to my car, I say it's just a stock 5.0L.

    No, it's not. You buy an expensive paint job to be seen. You buy a supercharger to go fast.
  6. I'm kind of torn between loud and quiet...I love hearing the blower whine though.

    Some people think I have just flows on my car until I race them or they hear it at idle. I'm stickerless:D Stock appearance...
  7. wow. Thanks for the info guys. What was i thinking? If im gonna spend the money, i should hear the damn thing right? my car now is loud as hell, so why not add to it with some whine? thanks guys!
  8. :rolleyes: Do you hide your nawwz bottles under your seat too?

  9. Yeah and................................................... :shrug:

    Whats that matter then? Guess thats b/c no one ever would have thought to look under the hood while it was up w/ the motor cooling down in the staging lanes. Sleeper or not everyone knows what you have at the track.

    As far as the street I'll use the example of the WRX owner who said my car sounded cool w/ the supercharger on it. Now if he had come up and asked what was done to it and I said it had a S/C and he was like ..... oh I dident know I couldent even hear it... Yeah nice way to throw down $3 ,000 +

  10. I thought you were doing your own turbo?
  11. No, Scott. My nitrous bottle is mounted in the trunk. Have you ever seen a 10lb nitrous bottle? It's just a little too big to fit under either stock Mustang seats or the Summit seats I have in my car.

    But thanks for asking. ;)
  12. LOUD!!!! My friend has a quiet vortech and it is boring. Noone even knows its supercharged.
  13. Loud....
    but everyone from around here are hicks and dont know what a supercharger sounds like.... they all think there is something wrong with my car :shrug:
  14. I guess I really don't understand the whole "sleeper" mentality. Why have a fast car if everyone thinks it is just a regular stock car? Not that I like the over the top ricer "look at me!" mods, but I'm not going to go out of my way to cover up my mods and tell people it is stock.
  15. If your not making $$$ using your mods then who the hell cares if it's loud. I've had my car for over 4yrs and have yet gone to the track. It's just to far to risk breaking something so if I drop some coin on mods I'm going to make it known.
  16. Because I don't care what other people think about my car. I like going fast. I don't care if someone else thinks my car is "cool" or not.

    Actually, I think it's funny when I beat an LT1 Camaro or 99+ GT and tell them it's a stock 5.0....so I guess I do kind of care.
  17. BFD...He couldn't hear it. It'll still smoke him, loud or not.

    Since you're comparing money - I measure performance in horsepower per dollar, not horsepower per decibel.

  18. OT: Please get pics of them summit seats, I plan on buying some real soon. How are they going for you.
  19. When I buy a supercharger in a couple years, I will be looking for the loudest streetable blower on the market :nice:
  20. Ask yourself this: "Do I want my Mustang to sound like a Mustang or a Hoover plugged into 220 volts?" If you say the former, go quiet. If the latter, get your head examined!