what is dashpot?

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  1. Is there anywhere i can read up on dashpot settings? I do not understand where to start. I do believe this is where my idle issues are coming from. My idle is all jacked up and i think the dashpot drops off to quickly there for causes it to stall and die.
  2. Dashpot is the decay rate of the rpms coming down and finding idle from what i understand. Its usually shown as bypass airflow from the iac at closed throttle vs engine speed. You want to contour this so it will drop quickly at higher rpm's once the throttle is closed and slows as it approaches idle. If it is to fast is will drop right past idle and stall/die. It may just take some trial and error to get it perfect.

    I see you also have a supercharger, this will also cause problems since there is excess pressure in front of the throttle plate. You want to keep the dashpot values low since your iac is fed from a pressurize source.

    You can also go over too eectuning.org and read up on it there. Im sure theres some good info over there. i think Ive seen you over there? Not sure if im remembering correctley though. Hope this helps.

    Also you want to take into account for larger throttle bodies and such.

  3. That helps a little, As far as pressure in front of the TB a KB is a draw through setup there for it only has vacuum in front of the TB. The dashpot settings and TB air flow is where i need to start i think.
  4. Its still going to affect the iac b/c more air is being fed through it.
  5. What is the normal decay rate? I ask because my idle hangs up too long IMO before returning to 700 rpm, up to 15 seconds sometimes but usually 5-7 secs. It messes up around town drivability. This is a Moates chip for a T4M0.
  6. hey how you doing? Good to read someone else has almost the same set up as i do. I had horrible drivability issues when my car was complete before the car got tuned and all of problems disappeared with the proper tune, my suggestion is to go to someone in your area that knows how to set your car up and the 94 to 95 are about the hardest ones to tune because of the computer it used for those two years. If your in California i can make a suggestion for who to use?