What is everyone paying for your '10 Mustangs?

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  1. Hello All,

    I will hopefully be buying a 2010 Mustang GT Convertible within the next several months and was wondering what everyone has been paying? How much of a discount are the dealers offering (not including factory rebates)? I am hoping once I am ready that I will be able to get one close to the invoice cost, especially by the time I will be ready it will be more than half way through the model year. Thanks for the feedback!!
  2. Wife and I got our 2010 Premium GT for Invoice. From Capital Ford in Rocky Mount, NC.
  3. I got my Black GT Premium on XPlan which is basically invoice. I hear you can get 0% for 36months and $1000 off now.
  4. Got XPlan - the $1000 rebate offered at the time
  5. Got X-Plan, $1000 Rebate and $750 Bonus Cash Offer that we got in the mail.
  6. so are you saying you got it at invoice for gt premium which is 28,471?? plus any rebates?
  7. The Premium GT with Track Pack is just north of 35k, with rebates and such im sure you can go alittle below 33k.
  8. 1k over invoice on the 500 which isnt too bad considering most are paying sticker.
  9. $500 over invoice for me -- with tax/license and everything else, it ended up being close to the MSRP to drive it off the lot.
  10. X-plan 1000.00 rebate just like everyone else.
  11. I got Zplan + $1000 off

    2010 gt premium
    cdc shaker
    roush front fascia
    roush spoiler
    gt500 rear
    red leather
    19" wheels
    comfort package
    anti theft package

    $34,9xx +/-

    $32,7xx after trade in, tax, tag, title
  12. So are the dealerships giving the "x" and "z" plans to everyday consumers??
  13. Not that I have seen, we always had to get a pin generated for the dealer to get XPlan pricing.

    You can always try and see, worst they can say is no.
  14. I had a PIN. It was not as easy to get as it use to be. I had to have my hearing impaired grandfather call Ford and yell through the phone to get a PIN. You use to be able to use the retiree's SSN to get one
  15. If I can purchase a GT Convertible for invoice plus any discounts available at the time I will be happy. :D
  16. Got XPlan - the $1000 rebate offered at the time
    So around 23k for my v6 convertible base model.
  17. I'm paying $36,752.50 loaded with everything except rear camera
  18. ^^^ is that a vert or no?
  19. No, but it does have the glass roof.
  20. i grabbed mine for 28 out the door $78 over invoice