What is everyone paying for your '10 Mustangs?

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  1. What is the MSRP?
  2. Man, GT's sure are moving away from their "bargain price" roots.

    Almost $40K for a GT? :eek:

    I remember back in '03-'04 (you'd think that was decades ago considering the price inflation) the GT's were stickered at $25K, usually going for high $20's for pretty loaded examples. Saleen and Roush's were in the low $40's. I even remember people complaining back then about how prices were increasing on the cars, in comparison with earlier models.
  3. Wow! Just noticed that one, great deal.
  4. Well I'm sure you could still easily find a GT for under 30k. Although it will probably have the 3.31 rear end, 17" wheels, and cloth interior, but if that's not a deal breaker then a base GT isn't all that expensive.
  5. I paid under X-plan pricing + $1000 rebate + 0% financing.
  6. Yeah I found a no BS dealership that actaully helped me out. Plus the salesman I got it from only made 100 dollars on the sale
  7. For my 03 Convertible Premy GT I payed 29k. Seem as if 39k will be the new Vert Premy price. Camaros are the same way. You could get loaded SS for around 29k, now its 34k and 36k with a RS package.

    The Economys tanking and our car prices are still skyrocketing lol
  8. MSRP was $43080 for my GT conv prem. with the options.

    I drove the sales guys crazy for an hour withthe back and forth and when all was said and done my total was $39080.

    Probably couldve drove it a little further down but the sales manager was flustered at the time...at 1 point he tried to ignore my sales guy, lol

    There was a $1k rebate in there, not sure what plan etc.
  9. ^^^^^ Dude...43k...For a GT :eek: !!! Brother im not trying to stomp on the purchase or anything, and again congratulations on it...but you could of got an 07 Shelby GT500 Convertable for that price !!! Really :)
  10. Hehe - i know they had an 07 Shelby at the dealer with a sticker of 46200.

    I appreciate the non-stomping.

    Anyways 43k was MSRP .... I wound up at 39k which included just about every option but remote start in a GT premium convertible.

    By the way The Rousch MSRP is $56k.....
  11. WOW 56k......thats insane. Used Z06 for that price. Carmax has the Shelbys going for 41k and under. As long as your happy man its all good :nice: Congrats on the purchase. Loved my Convertable !!!
  12. no they are not, and here is why.

    x plan is given to the people who work for companys that help ford in some fashion, such as sony, coleman, textron(sp) etc...( invoice plus hold back)

    z plan is given to the people whos relatives are retired ford employees(real invoice)

    a plan is given to people who are retired for employees( real invoice)

    and D plan is given to current ford employees(100 over real invoice).
  13. With those kind of prices for a Mustang or a Camaro, the sells numbers will drop. Normal people can't and won't pay that much for a Mustang or Camaro. Sure the new Mustang might be a great car, but it is a Mustang, which I always thought was the average man's sport cars. I am saddened to see that the Mustang has gotten away from that. I have said it and will say it again. If the prices stay this high, it will eventually hurt the Mustang.
  14. A mustang can still be had for 28k, which IMO is not a bad deal considering what you're getting for your money.
  15. I must have missed something. I haven't heard of someone buying a Mustang GT for $28,000 that didn't use some kind of restricted discount such as an X plan. Sure people can use those plan, but since most people can't than $28,000 really isn't the true price.

    Sure the new Mustang is a great car and it seems to be a lot better than the 04's and earlier, but what Ford fails to realize, the people buying the new Mustangs are not the younger generations, but older people (over 35). The average person cannot afford a $30,000 plus car. What this does is drive the younger generations into cars like Honda Civics and other cheaper cars that they can modify cheaply. Those same people will later keep buying non American cars and than you have an entire generation that doesn't appreciate American muscle cars. I grew up wanting a Mustang and I had a lot of friends in high school that had Mustangs b/c they were relatively cheap.

    Just my 2 cents worth.
  16. The price for the base GT on Ford's website is $27,995...$28,845 including destination charges. Throw in the 3.73 axle and it's $29,340. Sure it doesn't come with leather or a fancy stereo, but you're still getting a lot of performance for under $30k. And if the $1,000 rebate is still available then that brings down the price, but even if it's not available it's still inexpensive considering what you're getting. Of course, if you want the leather and ambient lighting and interior upgrade and the 19" wheels then of course that's going to drive the price up, but that's why they're optional, not everyone wants all that.
  17. PLUS don't forget Sales tax(2k roughly depending on state)..so I quote at 27 or 28, will run you close to or at 30
  18. GT premium with x-plan which is 1,000 off sticker. There isnt a whole lot of mark up so if you get about 2,000 off sticker your about at invoice. Before all the taxes and fees i was at about 30k
  19. PRICE

    STICKER WAS $40,750 PAID $37,000
  20. New member here and this is my first post:

    2010 GT - auto
    MSRP $39,800 not including tax & license for CA
    D-Plan (family incentive) + $1200 rebate and $5,000 trade =
    $32,000 financed for 36 months @ 0% (includes tax & license)