What is everyone paying for your '10 Mustangs?

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  1. hmm i managed to snag my grabber blue gt with 5speed and 3.73 gears and leather interior for 28 ?? i mean i got no crazy x plan d or M or cash for clunkers crap just a healthy down payment and i stood my ground on my online quote off ford.com and with the $1000 rebate most dealerships were doing at the time i scored big... deals can be found you jsut got to look.

    and i totally get what your saying about cars and the younger generation im not old but i can remember when i was 16 and all i wanted was a 5.0 (yeah im not to old but old enough) i worked my tail off and still came up waaay short so i ended up getting a used craptastic bronco but i saved and did what i had to do to get up to the mustang level.. i dont believe the young should be able to hop right into a mustang as we all know MOST kids are stupid most not all..plus do you really want to introduce todays youth to something more addictive than herion??? the stang craze wich is the most disturbing craze/addiction out of any of the cars i cant shake it and im sure it will slowly make me a poor old man with a big sh1t eating grin on my face.

    Happy Tuning:nice: plus youth and ricers go together like penutbutter and jelly and my mustang is starving
  2. In Canada the MSRP for a Premium GT (or what is considered premium in the US) is $37,499(CAD) vs. $30,995(USD), we don't get the option for basic GT. Once you add options like 3.73, the nicer interior and delivery +taxes you are in your low to mid 40s vs. mid 30s in the US.:notnice:

    Considering our dollar is pretty close to parity, it makes for a ****ty deal for those of us up north. I hope Ford takes this in consideration and adjusts the price in the coming months with more incentives...otherwise, when the time is right for me to buy, I may need to go stateside to get my mustang.

    I guess the point I am trying to make with my post is that as bad as the prices may be in the US, they could be worse considering what others have to pay. :shrug:
  3. Haha! My buddy got screwed. What an idiot. 35k With no deals. He's payin $600 a month, he'd be better of with a ford gt paying that price. Must of had some crappy credit lol.
  4. How about a brand new 2010 GT Coupe for just $25,450 after rebate. Here's one at that price today (and it has the 3.73 axle pkg).

    Click here.

  5. Great price! :nice:
  6. Yikes. The prices are getting up there for the 2010s and the 2011s are certainly going to cost more. My plan was to wait for a 2011, but I may jump on a 2010 if I see one for a good price like the post by Five Oh Brian.
  7. The one I mentioned is for sale right now. Just jump on a plane to SeaTac Int'l Airport in Seattle. We're just a couple miles from the airport and we'll pick you up. Then, drive your new '10 GT home.
  8. Haha, that's rad. I gotta say it sounds tempting.

    That BTW is a great deal indeed, what does suck about the '10's is they seem to almost need those exterior options, like the nice wheels, etc. which certainly drive the price up.
  9. That car is a steal!
  10. You should try to negotiate for invoice - all holdback - all factory rebates and special apr financing. In many cases x-plan pricing is actually higher than invoice so if they give you a choice, ask to see the invoice sheet and it'll show you on the bottom :) if they refuse to show you the invoice pack up and head out. I guarantee theres another dealership down the street that will.
  11. Some got some excellent deals!
    Problem for others, the cars are moving off the lot, so you cannot get firesale prices on a '10 in all areas.
    I went to two dealers, and between the two had one deluxe GT!

    I do not like, or want leather, even if they discounted it a grand.... The one i got was sticker, less the 1k rebate, and thats all they would do. I beat em up on my trade so much I ended up with a good deal..

    My sticker was 29,840, so I paid 28,840 plus tax/lic etc...
  12. Wow finally somebody else that doesnt like the leather :nice: What do the cloth seats look like? Do they have the ponies? :)

  13. This new '10 GT just went down in price to $24,950 after rebate.
  14. Nah, no ponies. No sticking to the seat :)
    no freezin your arse off in the winter (when it comes).

    It does not seem as durable as my 01 and 02 gt cloth, not even close to fox "tweed" interior. we shall see how it holds up, but the seats are very comfortable for the price, included :)
  15. I purchased my Red Candy Metallic GT with auto trans for $29,856 out the door..
  16. What you fail to realize is that's why they make V6 Mustangs. They start at $21k. Plenty of looks and fun for the average person. That is why the Mustang has kept on going while competitors have fallen.

    The Mustang is competitively priced compared to it's competition. For example, a Civic Si starts at $22k, the Camaro at $23.5k, and the Challenger at $23k.
  17. Just drove mine home yesterday. It was $34,379 out the door. This was for a Premium model with 19" inch wheels, and package 5 I beleive for exterior stuff. It was 31,999 and TTL and whatever else fees made it as stated above. The window sticker was more than what I paid out the door so Im happy!
  18. Placed my order yesterday. Dealer was happy to take the order for $525 above invoice. Delivery in December :)
  19. Did you get the rebates on top of that price??
  20. My price is before rebates. I will get the november or december rebates (if they are still active) when I take delivery. Order required $500 deposit. Very nice dealership.