What Is...i Don't Even...

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  1. Perhaps his dryer is broken and he has a LAWT of towels that need drying? :shrug:
  2. I think it shows how well pipes can look on a car, whether from a turbo cooling system, or from the exhaust system, or from left over PVC pipe from your last plumbing job;)
  3. I actually think it is very creative. And it stands out as far as advertising a plumbing business.
  4. It wouldn't excite me as a potential customer. UGLY !!
  5. It must sound like a herd of ghosts and banshees driving down the highway! :eek:
  6. lets hunt that owner down and do some plumbing work on him....disgrace
  7. Handles for all the hot chicks hes railing against his car.
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