What Is My Setup Worth?

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  1. Ok so my 83 overheated the other day and I blew a head gasket. So now its in the garage with the motor out and stripped down to the bare block. Its about to get a fresh set of bearings and piston rings as well as all of the gaskets. For the next five months or so ill have a little extra cash so I've decided to not only freshen this motor up but also get a little more power out of it. My ultimate goal is to keep it streatable and reliable and I would like for it to be quick enough to run a 12 sec qaurter or atleast beat or keep up with a 2014 GT in the qaurter. It has some performance parts on it and I'm going to do some more. This will be my setup once all is said and done....
    The block is a roller block from an 86 t-bird but the bottom end appears to be from an 87 mustang (aluminum flat top pistons with four valve reliefs) correct me if I'm wrong. Also...
    Edelbrock 650 cfm Carb
    Edelbrock performer intake
    Gt40p heads
    Ford racing 1.7 roller rockers (cobra style)
    E303 cam
    Ford racing valve springs to match the cam
    Jegs house brand long tube headers
    2500 stall converter
    C4 trans with PA street/strip valve body
    Hurst qaurter stick shifter
    4.10 rearend
    Also the a/c is deleted and I'm running a electric fan instead of the mechanical one.

    Will this setup get me the results I'm looking for? Thanks...
  2. Probably be a close race. Although in a street race, i'd put my money on the 14.

    Me personally i wouldn't bother with a full rebuild if those are all the parts you are going to use.
    I'd buy an explorer engine, swap in a cam/springs, your accessories and carb and be done with it.
    It's like a 2 day project (less if you are good at it), not 5 months probably cost 1/3 of a rebuild.
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  3. I think that you might find that the 4.10' s are too low with the C4, may be better with more like a 3.55 gear.