What Is Pops Racing Definition File??

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 99FiveOh, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. As the title says, what is the Pops Racing definition file and why is it important to have in order to tune my car with a QH and BE? Is it a must or can I begin tuning with just the QH and BE?
  2. I believe they are definition files that they have compiled from years of dyno tuning, so they should put you right in the ballpark on your tune. However, they aren't free, nor are they necessary in order for you to start tuning on your own. How is your car currently tuned?
  3. My car was tuned on a dyno with an SCT chip. The tuner said he'd give me my bin file and that I could load that right into BE and start tweaking it. My timing is super low right now and I can't get him to raise it. I've been told by numerous 5.0 guys that these motor love timing and that even with 200* ACT's I could still get away with 18-20* total without detonation. Right now he says the computer is pulling it down to around 14-15* total due to ACT's being so high.

    I have a meth injection kit on order and I'd like to be able to tune for it myself rather than go fork out 175.00 for a retune. On the other hand, even when you tune yourself, without a dyno or track it's hard to know if what you did makes any difference.
  4. What meth kit did you order? In this case, you will know if your tweaking has made a difference because you will be able to see what your timing was before and after the methanol.
  5. It's just the base Snow kit.
  6. How much boost are you pushing now?
  7. Wow. On stock internals?
  8. Yup. Stock longblock, stock head gaskets, unknown engine mileage. She's holding together fine though. I guess it's a testament to the very conservative tune that's put on it. 15 psi doesn't do much when I have 220* act's and only 14* of total timing! I'm afraid of what might happen once the meth kit is installed. I thought about going with a front mount so it'd bring the boost down a little.
  9. Why not swap the pulley in order to lower boost? Lower boost should result in lower intake temps, allowing more timing and more power, no? I assume you are planning on injecting the meth after the blower, but there are some good arguments as to why it is advantageous to do it before the blower...
  10. Trust me, when I swapped from a 2.95 pulley to a 3.33 pulley the car was a dog. So I went back and what a difference. It's not as noticeable at the top end but tooling around town in the lower RPM ranges is much funner. My tuner told me to inject after the blower so that's where I'll inject.