What is the best bang for your buck shifter.

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by blue66tang, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. tri-ax all the way... i can shift into 3rd with out leting off the gas no prob, although i did that with the stock shifter but that put a hurtin on my tranny i imagine.
  2. I don't recommend the Ripper, don't get me wrong i have one i love it only missed one gear an that was my own stupidity. Buttt the ripper shifter doesn't have any bolts in the handle so you can't take just the handle off. Real PITA to drop the tranny sometimes.
  3. dammit i just bought a hurst on ebay...are they really that bad? I think the chrome stick roped me in cause i dont like the look of the leather boot. Is it usable for street driving 99% of the time? I got the one with the adjustable springs for harder/softer shifter feel? Sorry to interupt but i dont want a pos shifter thanks
  4. If you got a good deal on it it's no big deal. ANY shifter is better then stock.
  5. If it has adjustable stops, it should be fine. The stock doesn't, and after a few gear bangings, it really thrashes the tranny. Isn't the stock shifter a Hurst, I thought I read somewhere it was? :shrug:
  6. Alright it has heavy duty adjustable stops and it has 2 springs on each side of the pivot ball in the housing. If you remove one fo them you can get a "softer" shifter feel and if u add it you can get a "harder" feel. I paid $29 for the shifter minus the stick and ball. Im having my buddy make me a replica of a hurst shifter cause i refuse to pay $60 for a crome stick with treads on one end. :nonono: Thanks and sorry for the interupt
  7. I say Pro-5.0. I have the Hurst billet.

    My friends uncle has a 5.0 with a Pro-5.0 and man are the gears so much closer than my Hurst. I was shocked it seemed like you only move it an inch and your in gear. Wish I
    bought the Pro-5.0 first. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Sweet. Where is the best deal for one?
  9. My car came w/a B&M Ripper. Its CRAP!!! I miss 3rd all the time! Few buddies even drove my car, and missed 3rd too! So I know its not me. Even missed 4th a few times. Not sure how that happened, but it does from time to time. I cant wait to buy a new Pro 5.0!!!
  10. I don't think you'll have a problem with the hurst, for street driving at least. It does have a different look to it, though.
  11. I'm new to the board but have had my Steeda Triax for almost a year now and I really like it,just need to change my gears from 2.73's to 3.73's.
  12. Had both the Tri-Ax and the PowerTower, and I'll never give money to Steeda again for any part in their arsonel- least of all the Tri-Ax. Easily the top two shifters out there, and only a prick would say either one is better than the other. I'm a prick, so I'll say I hated the Tri-Ax and love my PowerTower.
    Now, as for the best deal, bang for the buck shifter, it's the Kona.
    http://www.konaracing.com/ $169.95
    It actually addresses the main reason people don't like the Pro5.0- the handle length. (Ironically, the super short shift lever is one of the reasons the Pro5.0 is the #1 choice for drag racers and mostly what gives it the shortest fastest throw) However, the Pro5.0/Tri-Ax lever combo is proving to be popular. Kona racing decided to specialize and develope the ultimate shifter for the Mustang. They bought and dissected every shifter on the market and tested them all extensively. They determined that the Pro5.0 PowerTower design couldn't be improved upon. For daily driving, the short drag length lever wasn't as comfortable as the others, so they got themselves exclusive rights to sell the Pro5.0 base as their own and developed their own lever for them which resembles a Tri-Ax, only it is made out of STEEL like the Pro5.0, not mushy aluminum. The Pro5.0 (and, thus, the Kona) both have a steel gear selector, steel shift lever, and steel stop ring. This quality of constrution means absolute power over your transmission. It has been tested and proven to have the strongest offset third mechanism for no missed shifts garanteed. It is the only shifter that will be recommended by any grassroots transmission expert for those reasons. It is the strongest, crispest, most precise one you can get. Some people don't need that level of perfection, and would rather have something more comfortable. If you want silky smooth, quick, short Miata like shifts, (read- mushy, vague, imprecise) you'll love the Tri-Ax. If you drive like an @$$hole and depend on the parts in your car to be indestructable and precise no matter what you throw at them, there isn't any alternitive- get the Pro5.0 or find yourself passing a line of cars into oncomming traffic with the clutch to the floor and locked out of third because you didn't get the shifter that's strong enough to manhandle a transmission whether it wants to cooperate or not. Which is, in fact, where I found myself with the Steeda- more times than I want to remember. Trying it out was the biggest mistake I ever made in my car; and I $#!t you not, putting in my PowerTower I'm sure has saved my life.

  13. LOL,yeah i did that with my stock shifter and boom there goes third!

    Now i have the hurst and dont power shift like that any more.And yes i miss third like once a year......so its not worth me switching to the never miss 3rd Pro 5.0.
  14. I've never missed 3rd with the Hurst. But the Pro-5.0 is the best no doubt.
  15. anyone tried this kona shifter? sounds sick as hell! if nobody else does, i will when i save up $170
  16. i upgraded to the pro 5.0 recently and at first i HATED the overly mechanical feel of it... (most aftermarket shifters without rubber inserts have a mechanical feel)... and now i gotta say that I cant drive anything without an aftermarket shifter. I personally drive a 2.3 notch (5.0 swap comming up in the spring) and I drove a friends stock 5.0 a while ago... UGH... that stock shifter is a POS. Just when I installed the pro 5.0... its AMAZING how much thicker it is over the stock unit.

    My vote goes for pro 5.0... however I've HEARD that the UPR blue thunder (like $130) is a direct copy of the steeda tri-ax and the tri-ax gets nothing but compliments...
  17. Except from me, apparently...
    If you like the feel of a Pro5.0, then that's all it is- with a redesigned handle with a more comfortable nob position, which is made out of steel like the Pro5.0 levers are. Otherwise, the action is the same. I believe Kona has a titanium option for the lever too, same style.
    I'm pretty sure D347643 has one, he's the one who turned me on to them back in this thread http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=332201
    One of these days I'll have to stop posting that link in these shifter threads, but I can't help myself. If you're a glutton for punishment, you should find out all you want to know and a lot you don't in there.

    p.s. it's still for sale.
  18. cool, thanks. i just got a new stang and im looking to work on the junky shifter and the "stompy" clutch. any reccomendations of quadrants?
  19. UPR, or Maximum Motorsports. You'll need a firewall adjuster too with either.
  20. yeah...it might already have one though cause the dude pimped it out big time, where should i look [on the firewall]?