What is the best bang for your buck shifter.

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by blue66tang, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. Inside, right over the gas pedal.
  2. k, thanks, sry for the pm...also, whats the adjuster look like? (sorry, im a huge noob, im only 15)
  3. Oh, just got the pm. You meen the adjuster! Yeah, it's under the hood on the firewall.
  4. relative to the master cylinder where is it and what is it a knob or something?
  5. I got the UPR Blue thunder and my buddy has a Steeda Tri-ax that put in for him same day i put mine in, put them side by side and honestly didnt see a difference...Also i have heard from many reputable mustang guys that UPR just copies other people's design's and sells them cheaper under a different name. O and my UPR shifts the same as his Tri-ax..IMO UPR works good for $130!!
  6. It's almost right in line with the steering column, about a foot away from the MC. Right by the pinchweld on the firewall. Looks like this, if it's been done:
  7. Here you go- I'm pointing two fingers at it. [​IMG]
  8. wow...i feel funny from looking upside down under the steering wheel on my back without taking the seat out

    if the stock quadrant is white plastic on the inside, i still have a stocker :(

    i see that white thing with the cord coming out on the firewall, but nothing is behind it so im guessing its stock.
  9. Another vote for PRO-5.0
  10. i think ive gotta go with the upr blue thunder. for $134 you can beat the deal. its almost identical to the steeda tri-ax. i think the only thing different is the price.
  11. The shift lever is different. The UPR is just flat stock, but the Steeda is angled left an inch which is half of how good they feel. UPR makes an offset wedge for theirs to do the same thing, but it's like 12bucks and is just one more part to add to the shifter. I bought it for my wife's since she's got the UPR lever on her PowerTower.
  12. When it comes to a shifter its not somthing Ill go cheap on, did it once and ill never do it again. Its somthing that you use ALL the time, its worth being comftorbale. Every 5speed car I have gets a shifter. My personal fave is the pro 5.0 the tri ax is good too though
  13. Do any of these places sell the shifters with out the handle. I am putting it into a 66 mustang and already have a handle.
  14. stick with the steeda or pro-50, they are the best, I like the feel of the steeda , but that's just me..
  15. A buddy of mine has an 03 Cobra with a Tri-ax two months old in it, and I just put one in my 87 GT- they are AWESOME. You can shift from second to third by just pushing it forward with your palm! The preloads do all the work for you- I've missed third before using my stock "soup spoon in a bowl of jello" shifter, never again. Have you checked the price on PartShopper? $161.95 is cheaper than Steeda sells it- I know, I bought mine from Steeda! :damnit:

  16. So the upr and the steeda are the same, just the levers are diverent. I will be using the lever in my 66 so i wont need a lever. If they are the same i will just get the upr.
  17. Woah! No, nonononononono. I didn't say they were the same shifter; I said the levers were different. That's all I know- I know absolutely nothing about the Blue Thunder shifter. It may or may not be the same as the Steeda. I do know that UPR are a bunch of pirates, and they have been known to copy Steeda's designs (the 4.6 timing adjuster, for example) but I won't make any claims besides that. Someone else said they were the same, and I just opened my big mouth and pointed out the one thing that I knew wasn't.