What is the best wax you have used?

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  1. Hey guys, in your opinion what is the best wax you have used? lately all ive used is meguiars tech wax, it seems to work pretty decent. and the smell is so good i almost wanna taste it :drool: lol
  2. nobody uses wax anymore?
  3. Pinnacle. Tech wax isn't too bad but it doesn't look nearly as good as a carnuba wax.
  4. hmm never heard of pinnacle
  5. I have gone through a ton of waxes/polishes and I like turle wax extreme the best of all...way above Zaino!
  6. im stuck on eagle one nano. mainly cause i bought it and havent used it all yet. It seems to keep a good shine for a while. my boss bought a bottle of turtle wax ice for his black 05 and didnt like it, gave it to me and i still havent used it.
  7. This is a very, very, very opinionated question so you are going to get a ton of answers ...

    I've tried nearly every thing out of the market and I'm not going to include the $1,000+ waxes because I really doubt anyone here is going to buy them, myself included. I'd have to say with that said Meguiars #16, which is discontinued due to VOC regulations, is probably my favorite wax. Besides that Pinnacle Sovereign, Poorboy's Natty Red or Blue, Chemical Guys 5050 or Pete's 53 are all great waxes. They do not have a great durability like Meguiars #16 but they do have just as good as a shine and they are much easier to apply. If you decide to use one of them, you'll really need to apply a sealant like Poorboy's EX or EX-P.
  8. I recently did the whole Zaino treatment on my car, I did the Z-18 Clay Bar, Z-AIO, Z5 and Z6. The results where astonishing compared to anything I've used in the past. The car looks amazing and it took out a majority of my waterspots and swirl marks.

    For $90 spent, I couldn't be happier! Zaino = :nice:
  9. Used Chemical Guys Pete's 53, but I have found Obsessive Detail Wet Obsession to be a bit better on metallics, decently priced too.

    Of course prepping the paint well before applying wax helps too.
  10. I like to use Mcguiers tech wax 2.0 It gives it a really nice and deep shine.
  11. Hello out there to who ever... I just joined I just bought a 2006, black gt. I am up for any ideas on the wax deal.. Not to sure what i want to use.. I've read your ideas, i want something really good.. the paint on this car is unbelieveable... It looks like your lookinginto a mirror. I want to keep it that way, no swirls, no scratches, I would like to know what to use to wash and wax and what kind of applicator to apply with... I was told cloth diapers???? micro fiber???? Thanx for any inputs.
  12. I use pretty much all meguiars products. I tried ***kenwax and at first it seemed ok but turned out not so great so I think i'm just gonna stick with meguiars. The NXT wax is great and seems to last long. Sometimes I need to clay bar first. If I do, then I will use a cleaner wax after the clay then use the NXT. Results are great. Rarely need to bring out the buffer.
  13. check out autogeek.net they sell good products and they have several guides on detailing.
  14. Hey, thanks... i was told to use clothe diapers to wash, micro fiber what do u use.
  15. i only use microfiber. You can use skeepskin mitt or microfiber mitt to wash, and for drying I use a big waffle weave microfiber towel and I pat down when drying instead of dragging the towel across the paint. Never heard of using diapers to wash the car

  16. That would be funny as hell. Neighbors would be like, WTF?
  17. I use Meguiars Gold Glass on the Mustang and even on my sport bike. I keep a can of Honda Pro Cleaner and Polish in the trunk for quick touch ups, it's an absolutely amazing product. It will remove road tar, chain lube, or whatever off painted surfaces without harming the clear coat and paint.
  18. I like to use Meguires No.26 Yellow Wax.It's a tough carnauba wax.Keeps water beading on the paint for at least 2 months if applied properly.

    I used to use Meguires Gold Class.But it only seems to last about 2 weeks.
  19. X2 Zaino
  20. I've been hearing about Zaino for years.But since It is not available in stores,I cannot try the stuff without having to buy an expensive kit.That stuff aint cheap.Word of mouth IMO just isn't good enough since everyone has their own opinion.

    Just sticking with Meguires.